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    Easytouch battery?

    That's easy. Thanks for the pic!
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    Easytouch battery?

    Cool! I'll get on it!
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    Easytouch battery?

    On the back of this? Pic from the internet. Just want to make sure you're not thinking of the remote. I use the protocol adaptor and the cell phone app to communicate with the easy touch panel.
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    Easytouch battery?

    Hi all, We had a power outage when the atmospheric river hit the SF bay area two weeks ago. Since then I noticed that the pump was running in odd hours. I checked it out today and the time is seriously off. I first power cycled easytouch and then updated the time settings using slconfig on an...
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    IntelliTouch to IntelliCenter upgrade questions..

    A short in the transformer that pushed up the current to rectifier high enough until it blew seems like the source of the problem. I'm surprised they didn't protect the secondary with a fuse of any kind. Oh well. Can't tell why the secondary winding on the transformer is open. I would measure...
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    Pool Math........The App

    You can distribute apps on Amazon for instance. Android only.
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    Pool green for over a year.

    What a challenge! I'm definitely following this thread, this is quite a journey ahead with lots of curve balls.
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    Can't you MacGyver a flange by cutting the old one flush, sand with long block and glue one on top of it? As long as the new flange has the right pipe diameter it shouldn't matter what brand you're using...? EDIT: if you worry about shearing strengths then drill a few holes through the outer...
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    intex pool cleaner doesn't stay on bottom

    Something like this then?
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    Hello - I'm here for my last hope!

    Looks amazing and so inviting!!!
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    *Shallow end, being shocked when grabbing railing*

    I'm with you, i would love to learn the conclusion to the problem!
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    Multiple delays in build

    I once tried to convince a contractor that for every week of delay that they would refund me 1% of the total contract value. They did not want that in the contract at all... So now i try hard to get as much of the payment as late as possible in the process (but i give them good terms, once...
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    New build in CA

    I think they where just sloppy. Talk to the project manager and tell him that you want the design uniform across all pool features.
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    New build in CA

    This is what i'm doing. works really well.
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    New Design and Build - SF Bay Area

    Looks nice!
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    Pool service company disaster. What should I do?

    It was definitely sticker shock. Moved from a smaller house with a small yard in mountain view. I think my water bill was $80 each month. Moved to a huge house on a 1 acre lot in a very expensive town on the peninsula and got a $500 electrical bill and at first a $1k water bill. Got the...
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    *Shallow end, being shocked when grabbing railing*

    What a mystery...! It has to come from somewhere, energy doesn't just appear out of nowhere and seek out your neutral return path. I find it implausible that it comes from a completely unrelated power source up on the highway.
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    Pool service company disaster. What should I do?

    I have a big lawn as well as lots of plants, flowers and trees surrounding it. I did an water audit last year to make sure I didn't have any leaks. 1 acre lot.
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    Pool service company disaster. What should I do?

    My water bill is $600-700 per month. California, sf bay area
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    Pool service company disaster. What should I do?

    In my city (also in california) i have to apply for a pool fill permit before i can fill the pool. They calculate fill rates etc that i'm allowed to do by hour. I think i'm liable for the extra fees etc if i do this but that is how it works. I am considering drilling a well on my property.
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    *Shallow end, being shocked when grabbing railing*

    Just trying to summarize (and i'm okay if i'm stating the obvious): the thesis is that the equipotent bond has failed at/near the area of the pool where the highest voltage gradient is detected, that the voltage gradient is leaking in through the pool water, and that the voltage leak is coming...
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    *Shallow end, being shocked when grabbing railing*

    What i found mysterious is that the in water voltage gradient seemingly originate from outside the electrical system of the house. The whole idea of an equipotential bonding grid in pools is to remove the voltage gradient. How in the world does a stray voltage from a power line find an easier...
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    *Shallow end, being shocked when grabbing railing*

    But, if there is an in-ground current leak, where the current flow is from the physical earth to the pools bonded ground, how does holding the railing while standing in water complete the circuit? Isn't the railing bonded at the same ground potential as the water in the pool? Is the railing...
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    August 2021 pool playlist

    Click on share in Spotify, to clipboard, and then you can email it or post it on a message board. It's pretty neat!
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    August 2021 pool playlist

    This is my playlist. European beach club vibe is what I went for. Borrowed a few ideas from another playlist but made it my own in end. Enjoy!
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    Name your Top 5 inventions of all time

    My best inventions of all time? These are a few of the ones i cooked up. Some of them even got used in real products :) 1 - Storage cluster, United States Patent Application 20150355969 2 - Secure data replication in a storage grid, United States Patent Application 20160004877 3 - System and...
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    *Shallow end, being shocked when grabbing railing*

    Navywife, that is such a crazy story! I'm glad you found it!
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    Not understanding the lure of robotic cleaners..

    Had a Polaris 280, got a robot. The robot cleans much, much better. I you'll out at least five handfuls of silt with the fine mesh filter in the robot. I had the fine mesh in my 280 but it doesn't scrub. My pool water has never been cleaner.