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    Is Aqualink Down? 12/7/21

    I can't get a connection from my phone (cell) or from my house.
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    Southern Gospel

    My cousin just released his first album. He is a lifelong musician and plays George Harrison in a couple of Beatlemania groups. Actually had one of his songs flagged by YouTube for copyright violations (he was singing it so there was none but he is that good). Enjoy! George Williams - "George"...
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    Wood Project: Bedside Tables with Embedded Qi Charger

    Finally finished this project!
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    Extended closing

    I just had to extend my closing from the end of October until the end of November as the water is way too warm. Still over 70! Anyone else extending?
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    $8.47 TFP Charge

    Can anyone tell me what this is for? 09/22/21 PURCHASE GOOGLE *Trbl 855-836-3987 CA CARDxxxx $8.47 Details Merchant Name: GOOGLE *TrblFreePoolMerchant Address: 855-836-3987, CA, 94043Transaction Method: Card Info Stored by Merchant Category: COMPUTER PROGRAMMING, INTEGRATED SYSTEMS...
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    Jandy JXI400 Problems

    I got a strange problem. I turned the heater on yesterday morning and it was, I thought, heating all day. We got in the pool and it was cooler that it should have been so I checked and Aqualink was reporting that the heater was running and "heating". I could hear the blower on the heater running...
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    My New Hobby

    Lock picking! It is actually pretty fun. I am ready to start picking locks with security pins in them.
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    Storm Just Rolled Through - VIDEO

    Ha! Just now I clicked off a quick video.....
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    CYA - Shelf Life

    I have two questions on CYA. 1: How long is it good just sitting in the box it came in? Box is stored indoors in a dark place. 2: Does CYA degrade in the water other than what you test with it? In other words, can "old" CYA test at say "60", but behave like it is only "40" due to it just...
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    I was in the pool yesterday and we often set the temp high so the returns and waterfalls have hot water coming out. Well, oops, I forgot to turn off the heater last night and woke up to a 93 degree pool. I don't mind the high temp (actually I love it) but this will hurt on the gas bill for sure...
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    SWG Degradation Over Time

    My 1400 series Nature2 FusionSoft used to be able to maintain my pool easily at 53%. For the first 4 seasons that is where it was set. And even at that, my FC would climb to 15 and I'd shut it off for a few days to let it drift back down. Life was good. Least season, right before the warranty...
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    Pool Fails

    Some of these are very cringe worthy!
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    Kriss - I need you....

    Anyone have any experience with the Kriss Vector? This is a strong contender for my next firearm and looking for 1st hand reviews. Honestly it looks cool and will make a nice addition but I am really interested in how well it does. 2nd choice at the moment is the H&K USC.
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    Ugh... Another FB "I love my Ozone" Post

    It is hard to bite your tongue on these posts..... You need a FaceBook account to see this.
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    Saltwater Fish and Algae Control

    I have kept freshwater and saltwater fish for most of my life. I have never been too successful with the saltwater fish. I am trying to get back into the hobby and resurrecting my 120 gallon tank. It has been running for the past 10 years or so but I have done nothing but feed it for the past 5...
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    I seed it on the Internet......

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    Bonus Land

    A friend of mine just signed a contract for a house. She found out when she signed the contract that the property comes with an additional 1.7 acre deeded lot for no extra charge. The lot is fully wooded and backs to a stream. The listing agent forgot to include it in the original listing. Wow...
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    New way to keep hottubs - clean 0 chemicals needed!

    This is impressive!
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    New PoolSide Loungers

    Our old loungers after 3 seasons had faded and torn so we got the below. So far they seem sturdy. They are very comfortable! This is a 1 pack. I got a 2 pack for $300. Crestlive Products Aluminum Adjustable Chaise Lounge Chair Five-Position and Full Flat Outdoor Recliner All Weather...
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    Rough band of plaster

    This is our fifth season with the pool. I noticed a very rough section of plaster about a foot thick wrapping around the pool. Seems to be right where the freeze line was located. I am able to somewhat sand this down using a scotch Brite pad but really curious what this is. It's also on top of...
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    ** FREE ** Solar Cover - 42x22

    Anyone local want my solar cover? It was used 3 or 4 times (actually times, not seasons) and then put away in my shed so no UV damage at all. Bought 4/18 originally. Local pickup only. Rockville/Gaithersburg, MD area. Will meet 1/2 way or deliver if close. This was it new, it was cut to fit my...
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    It is Time.....

    Forecast for today, tomorrow and through Sunday is sunny and 90s. The pool has been running for a month or so but today I put on the heater. Water temp is 72 and by tomorrow it should be close to 90 with the heater running. We will be swimming! :party::swim::paddle:
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    Need CMP skimmer basket!

    I'm having a tough time finding the right oem basket for my CMP skimmers. I bought the below which are perfect in every way except they have a flat edge on opposite sides which creates a gap in my skimmer allowing debris in. Any leads appreciated...
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    ROFL! I follow a Facebook Ozone/UV pool group and a member posted the below. I think this is part of the marketing having this green "oooh! ahhhh!" effect of the light. Sad to read posts in this group their main thing is to see how little chlorine they can use.
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    Looking for a locket!

    I want to get my wife a sterling silver locket. I got one from a site. I thought it would be a good quality locket since it was $150. But it is not. It feels like silver plated plastic. It isn't marked ".925" with a hallmark it just has a "ster" stamp. And the chain I think is hollow. I know I...
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    10% Chlorine On Sale!

    Get it while you can......
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    Chlorine, pH and T/A

    Quick question, does/can an imbalance in pH and total alkalinity (T/A) make any difference in the effectiveness of chlorine?
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    Bug on adaptive forum

    I found what is either a bug or design flaw in the mobile version that is rather annoying. This is in the notification section. There isn't any "mark all as read" button and even though you might read all the notifications in the desktop version, that doesn't always carry over to the mobile...
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    Curious - Drain Plugs

    Why do the pool closers put the drain plugs in the pump basket instead of just putting them back in the equipment? I see this every year (I pay to close but open myself) but never understood the logic. Is it just to "entice" the homeowner to use the closing service to open? If there is no...
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    Which of these increases ph faster?

    I am trying to increase my ph after adding muriatic to lower my ta. Which of these two water features will increase it faster?