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  1. HBrittan

    Fiberglass pool frozen.

    Thanks for your input the other day. Got everything cleaned up and out back together. No problems. Running great. Thank you. H
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  3. HBrittan

    Fiberglass pool frozen.

    Our power has been out for more than 24 hours. It is 0 degrees in Fort Worth Tx. I drained the pump and filter, and feel like that is pretty safe. I have fiberglass pool and have been breaking the ice around the edges aver two hours because I am worried about it breaking the pool. Is that an...
  4. HBrittan

    I think something froze

    You gotta laugh!!!! I’ve been messing with this and worrying about it for 2.5 hours!! It was a 6 in twig stuck in the DOOR! Fired up, kept pressure, and is working great! Thank you JJ_Tex and Mknauss!
  5. HBrittan

    I think something froze

    Cleaned the skimmer out and it was full of water. No ice. The water was a little low, but I added some anyway. Cleaned the basket. I usually just run the skimmer and vacuume but went ahead and opened the main drain just to allow mor water. The pump sucks and fills up. Runs for a few seconds...
  6. HBrittan

    I think something froze

    Pump ran all night and sounded good this morning. I thought it would warm up today and I had the timer go off about 10am. Well it was below freezing all day, and when I go hope about 530, I went to start he pool pump. unfortunately the freeze protection switch does not work. Any way. I...
  7. HBrittan

    How Often Do You Run your Vacuum?

    We have an older Kreepy Krawly suction vacuum, and it works great. I leave it connected all the time, and pull it out when we have a group of people over to swim. The pump runs for about 4 hours in the morning and about 1 hour in the evening. We do have a large tree on one side that covers a...
  8. HBrittan

    Newbie in Central Texas

    Welcome to TFP from another fellow Texan. You will learn a lot here from people and about testing. I use the TF-100. I am pretty new to this, and the instructions that come with the kit are very easy, and there are also notes and videos. Don't be overwhelmed by the test kits. Once you are...
  9. HBrittan

    Is that a Blister? - Fiberglass Pool

    Texas Spalsh and sktn77a, Thank you for the feedback. I should have put something next to the spots to give some idea about he size. They are really pretty small. Maybe about a 1/4 in or so. Glad to hear it is not blisttered. I am not really sure what that would look like. I am betting...
  10. HBrittan

    Strange FC Test

    I wondered about that. I noticed the vile was a bit cloudy itself, and I usually swish some water in it when I am done and let it air dry. Next round, I will make sure and scrub it and make sure there is no residue. Thanks. H
  11. HBrittan

    Is that a Blister? - Fiberglass Pool

    Good Morning, I started cleaning some spots and fine tuning details after a major SLAM and clean up job. Upon further inspection, I noticed that these black spots wer not stains as I thought but rather seem to be blisters in the pool surface. This is on the top step of an older fiberglass...
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  13. HBrittan

    Strange FC Test

    Good Morning. I was doing my daily tests and maintenance earlier this morning, and had a strange test experience. I was testing for FC. I put 10 mls of water in the vile. Water was clear as shown in the picture below. I added a scoop of R-0870 powder and mixed. The water had no color and...
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  16. HBrittan

    Buried Pool renovation

    Cool project. Can't wait to see how things go. Thanks for sharing. Harry
  17. HBrittan

    My New Old Pool Dig Out

    Thank you for sharing your journey. This thread and process is very interesting. Look forward to watching it progress. Harry
  18. HBrittan

    Rain water to lower CH -- pros and cons

    That's a good question. I was wondering the same thing. We are farther north than you but we got over 2.5 inches last night and I had to pump the level down this morning because it was over the skimmer. We just finished SLAMing our pool and are leveling things out, so it is interesting to see...
  19. HBrittan

    Stubborn Cloudiness - SLAM 15 days - Need Help

    Now to tackle the salt build up on the waterfall and polish the handrail.
  20. HBrittan

    Stubborn Cloudiness - SLAM 15 days - Need Help

    WOO HOO! Looks like I passed the OCLT last night! FC last 1ppm and CC was 0! Pool looks super clear, and could not be happier. Thank you TFP and everyone that has given me input and encouragement. We started on May 27 and passed the OCLT on June 19. This was a long one. Had a few bumps...
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  24. HBrittan

    Stubborn Cloudiness - SLAM 15 days - Need Help

    JJ_Tex, thanks for checking on me. The pool is super clear. I am happy with that. My dogs dug a hole yesterday next to the sidewalk and kicked about a shovel full of dirt into the pool. You can bet I was super happy about that. You are right, I am still adding a ton of chlorine, and while...
  25. HBrittan

    Stubborn Cloudiness - SLAM 15 days - Need Help

    We've been cycling it quite a bit. I like to turn it off overnight cause it makes some noise. I started it right after these pics were taken. Thanks for the feedback and encouragement. H
  26. HBrittan

    Stubborn Cloudiness - SLAM 15 days - Need Help

    I uploaded some pics from this morning in a post above. Thanks. H
  27. HBrittan

    Stubborn Cloudiness - SLAM 15 days - Need Help

    It's looking great. Filter pressure is hovering around 4-5 psi most of the time. I noticed this morning it was at 7, and I have to clean it tonight. I just have not had time today. I cleaned it two days ago, and while the pressure was only at 6, the filter was really dirty. I was hoping to...
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