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  1. Chad_in_TX

    How can I have 35 psi AND a leak

    So for over 6 months I’ve had high PSI (30 starting), that 5 different crews couldn’t figure out. I’ve thoroughly cleaned filters, I’ve bought brand new filters, I’ve had the lines flushed on two different occasions (and nothing came out)…and nobody could solve the high pressure. So I dealt...
  2. Chad_in_TX

    Remove filter backup ring??

    I just noticed my backup ring isn’t seated properly along the rim. I’ve never taken it out before or touched it, and thought it was bolted down… guess not. So before I go trying to pull it up/out, will it affect the tension in anyway if I mess with it? I did notice the last time I took this...
  3. Chad_in_TX

    Plumbing and leak experts opinions needed

    Hi, Looking for some thoughts on how my pool was plumbed. We have a leak that I’m fairly certain is on the return side. The pool was constructed in the early 90’s and I have no idea where they plumbed the return pipes. All I have are these photos of when the pool was under construction...
  4. Chad_in_TX

    First winter season in Dallas

    So I haven’t updated my pool runtime settings yet. It’s still going 8 hours a day. For those in Dallas, what’s the typical runtime you drop down to during winter?
  5. Chad_in_TX

    Question after cleaning 60 DE filter for first time

    So new equipment and plaster has been running since mid June. At the end of June, and at the end of the plaster care, they cleaned the filter. However, just after a short period of time, I’ve already had to open it up and clean it. This is the Quad 60 DE cartidge filter, without backwash...
  6. Chad_in_TX

    Help with CC

    Hey All, We had some rain the other day, and I’m having trouble getting my chlorine level back. I had put a pound of shock the other night, but it hasn’t done much. Pool is clear, and rarely has any leaves or debris in it. Yesterday, I did scrub off some algae growing on the rocks, so I’m...
  7. Chad_in_TX

    Newbie who just brought back a 27 yr old pool to life and now afraid I maybe shouldn't have

    Hi, I have so many questions, but here's a quick backstory. I recently moved my family back into the house that I grew up in. The plan was to take care of my mother with Alzheimers, but it just became too much and we recently put her into memory care. The pool was built in 1992 and is...