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    Pool flooded HELP

    Without being able to see the bottom we used pool net until we thought we had most of them out. A couple really strong ones managed To survive the bleach! As you can see pool has gone from swamp brown to green. Still adding bleach and cleaning cartridge filters every couple hours
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    Pool flooded HELP

    24 hours into water treatment. Started running robot vac today. 15 mins into cleaning.....
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    Pool flooded HELP

    Some gave me HTC shock. Could I start water treatment with this? Also I’m thinking with a cartridge filter I may be pulling filters many times an hour. What your thoughts on a sump pump on bottom. Pumping a level out of the pool ( bad water) adding fresh water back, allowing to settle and...
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    Pool flooded HELP

    Thanks. As bad as po is keeping out of house was successful and I’m certain that would have been 10x the headache as this pool. Day before I lost pool pic 😢
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    Pool flooded HELP

    Not sure about pumping out. Ground is obviously extremely saturated and high water table. I know it’s rare to float gunite pool but you can see how my luck has been as of late.
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    Pool flooded HELP

    Recent rains have had flood waters over pool decking and into pool for Days. It’s nasty swamp flood waters, pretty sure I have half inch visibility at best. Pool has been under water for four days now and it may take another 5-7 days before flood water recedes lower than decking. I’m trying to...
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    Concrete Problems

    I selected Rock salt deck finish for my pool. When applying the salt the contractor used a trowel to "pat" rock salt into concrete. Unfortunately this left the trowel impressions in the now dried concrete in a fairly large area of the deck. PB agrees the finish is not right and wants to make it...
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    **Need Help Matching Bluestone coping!**

    I have 2" blue stone coping and I will go with a rock salt decking. If you not aware, its simply concrete with rock salt adding to top before setting. Next day you wash salt out and have a pitted concrete deck. Decking comes out a shade or so lighter than coping