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    Spillover mode during freeze protection Jandy

    I experienced this last winter as well with my Jandy equipment. On nights below freezing, I would wake up to exposed plaster in the spa due to the freeze protection running all night. If we were below freezing for an extended period, the spa jets would be out of the water and water would get...
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    Forum changes

    This right here was my thoughts as well. You guys are so good at what you do, that "normal" people have not reason to stick around. You teach them the ways of TFP, they learn it, and their pools are perfect. What reason do they have to come back? I browse the forums still but a lot less than...
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    Forum changes

    Does this forum integrate with the Tapatalk app? I don’t use it a lot but a lot of my younger friends use it to read the forums they belong to. They seem to prefer it on mobile vs reading forums in a web browsers on their devices. It may help you reach some of your goals from your email...
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    Forum changes

    You just save TFP for me! that link still has the "Mark forums read" button.
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    Forum changes

    If we are keeping score, add me to the group of wanting the "Mark All As Read" button back. I know I'm not an expert here, but I do try to read the forums daily, and specifically look at new posts and help give advice where I can. There are many threads I just skip over because I know I can't...
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    56k Gallon Pool / Double SWG? (Jandy)

    It seems most robots from maytronics and Polaris do a great job. If I were you and shopping for a robot, I would pay special attention to cord length and where you intend on plugging the robot in near your pool due to its size. You will want your robot to reach all corners of the pool. I...
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    New Pool Build in SoCal

    Do you know what make and model of the bubblers are? Maybe their website has a spec listed for them. I am wondering if this is limitation of the bubbler or is it a limitation of the plumbing from your PB. I have a separate water feature pump for my bubblers. At full pump speed the bubblers...
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    What does your pool paradise look like?

    We starting off setting it to 85 in April/May. My power bill increased around $200 then. Once Summer was in full swing we set it to 90 and it really on ran at night. June/July/August it added $100-$150 per month. Its still set to 90 but daytime highs are low 80s/high 70s right now. I expect...
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    What does your pool paradise look like?

    Dunnrite basketball and volleyball combo set using their 2-3/8" brass anchors so we can switch it out for the volleyball net. And yes, we are quickly approaching the time to shut down the heat pump. Once daily highs drop into the low 70s we are calling it for the season.
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    What does your pool paradise look like?

    They are just regular pollywopd chairs. I think they are model number adr 610. They have a taller seat bottom than the standard pollywood Adirondacks.
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    What does your pool paradise look like?

    Cool nights and a warm pool make for beautiful mornings.
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    New Pool, New to TFP and a $1000 power bill!

    I am in NC and have a separate power meter for my pool house and pool equipment. I have a lot of equipment including a heat pump that operates by thermostat from my aqualink system. I have kept the water at 90 degrees since May and my power bill for everything pool related is usually in the...
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    IAqualink /Jandy TruClear SWG automation

    Just in general? My pool math logs should be visible. I try to run on the high end of the recommend levels. I have neve tested the spa separately. My assumption is when I run the spillover, I am taking the known good water that is tested frequently and mixing in/replacing the water in the...
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    IAqualink /Jandy TruClear SWG automation

    FYI, I can control my SWG during SPA mode through the web app. My pool builder set it to 10% last year, don't know the reasoning behind it. It seems like to me if I am in the SPA with friends for an extended time I would probably want some chlorine generation going on. I do make a habit of...
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    How much of a “close” in Raleigh, NC

    Maybe someone with an AGP in this area will chime in. I have one friend that has one and does a full closing on his. He also doesn't follow TFP so he's probably doing what the pool store tells him to do. For my in ground plaster pool, I don't close or cover anything at all. I have a VS pump...
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    Levolor Dismantle/Winterize?

    Is the water yellow or is the pipe stained yellow? If it is the pipe stained yellow I would think it could be iron coming from your well water. Do you have a water softener or a whole house filter on your house? If so use that water to fill your pool and avoid filling from the irrigation line...
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    Levolor Dismantle/Winterize?

    Our frost line is 12 inches. So if you really don't see your self using the Levolor in the future, dig down more than 12 inches and cut and cap the pipe off. Or better yet, if that pipe connects back to your pool, blow out the pipe then cap at the pool so you don't have a pipe with stagnant...
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    SunDek pricing

    That seems very high. I believe I was around $5/sqft back in the spring with Sundek of NC. Is this being installed on new concrete or is there a lot of prep work involved installing on old concrete? Mine was installed on new concrete so the prep work was minimal.
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    New Salt Cell - Same issues whats the problem?

    You don't say what kind of salt cell you have, I assume a Hayward t-15 from what you have posted. Looking at the manual for that, it says ideal salt level is 2700-3400 ppm. Based on that I would assume the salt cell is working properly and you do in fact have, low salt. I would add enough...
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    Jandy Cartidge Filters Cracked

    Tell them to bring new cartridges when they come to replace the old ones!
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    Going vafl to chlorine and getting rid of salt

    I totally get the frustration. We have all been there and made purchases without reading the fine print. But don't blame the equipment for doing what it is designed to do. Your a technology director, I'm sure you deal with it everyday in your field. Computers, equipment, machines, only do...
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    Exposed plumbing and rebar.. should I be concerned?

    Its ugly but its probably functional. Need to make sure the pool walls are the correct thickness. Do you have a contract that states how thick the walls were suppose to be. If that's a 12inch wide piece of coping stone, I assume its over hanging the concrete 2 inches, then you have a piece of...
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    Pool Swamp

    I'm not an expert here but these 2 statements you made jumped out at me. In my unexperienced opinion there is no need to spend any money on chlorine or any other chemical unless you goal is to get the pool water clear and swimmable. There is really no in between with pool water. You either...
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    Wet Edge Luna Quartz "Madagascar"...plaster color guidance

    I'll try to get some this afternoon and post up.
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    Help with Hayward Equipment on New Pool Build

    My pad is 14x4 and I have 5 pumps, 1 heat pump, 1 gas heater, and 1 large cartridge filter. Its cramped, very cramped really. I wish I had made it 18x6. If you plan on maintaining your equipment yourself, give yourself plenty of room to work. Make sure you not stepping over any pipes to get...
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    well sheesh, no muriatic acid in the local small town, Ace or wallyworld.

    my wally word keeps the 2 gallon packs of kem-tek MA outside in the garden section on a rack beside the potting soil. Only reason I looked there today was because that's where they move all pool stuff too during the off season. They were out of Pool Essentials liquid chlorine and have been for...