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    How to remove/close old offline chlorinator connections?

    The previous owners installed an offline chlorinator (Pentair Rainbow 300). I don't want to continue using the chlorinator because there is no check valve to protect the heater, and there is not enough space to easily install one. Is there a way to remove/cap off the hose connections sticking...
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    How to air lock main drain in IG spa with no diverter valve?

    I recently inherited an in ground pool/spa and I'm a bit confused about the plumbing setup/main drain and how I would air lock it. Some info on my pool setup (Also see attachment for pics of setup): Inground vinyl pool/spa 1 pump, can only pull from pool OR spa, not both (has to be controlled...
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    Pool Turned very Cloudy Overnight (First Time Pool Owner)(K-2006 test results)

    Hi all, we just moved into our new house which has a pool (24k gallons, Vinyl inground w/ DE Filter) and was hoping I could get some advice. For the first 4 weeks of having the pool open I was using test strips to test and add chemicals and eventually I got my pool crystal clear (A combination...