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    Broken Pipe on sand filter? Repairable?

    Seems my pool guy broke this piece attached to the filter when closing last year. Is this reparable with some type of epoxy?
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    Pool cover always rips

    I have a standard 16x32 rectangular pool with a built in stairway that comes out another 3 feet or so. Every year my pool cover rips where the stairway corners are. I’ve tried a variety of covers. Is there a solution for this anyone can recommend?
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    Hayward super pump user interface not working

    Hi, I have a hayward super pump vs, model sp2600vsp, which I bought 7 or 8 years ago. Recently the user interface on top has started glitching. It still runs the program I have set before but I can’t change it. The buttons are acting weird and not doing what they should. All is fine for now...
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    Hole in liner! Is this a seam?

    I had a new liner installed last fall. Found a huge hole today. Is this the fault of the manufacturer, installer or other? Looks like it’s on the seam.... pics attached, black spot by step
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    Patio construction, concrete spill on liner?

    Hi, I had my patio around the pool redone. I guess during construction some cement spilled in the pool on the vinyl liner. It’s in the 2 corners in my deep end, small amount but ugly. Any ideas how to get it out? Will it break up naturally and how long will it take? Thanks!
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    One pool skimmer clogged?

    Hi, I opened my pool and having an issue with one of my skimmers. The main drain and one skimmer are pulling water great when I run my pump. The other skimmer has extremely low pressure, almost none. I assume it is likely clogged, had patio around pool redone last fall and lots of sand got in...