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    Help! Need someone in Vegas to install our Coping!

    Hey everyone I can’t seem to find anyone that can do our coping with porcelain pavers at a reasonable price within a reasonable time frame. I am in Las Vegas. Does anyone have someone they can refer? Thanks!
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    New Owner Builder Project Advice would be much appreciated!

    Hi everyone! I am so incredibly thankful to have stumbled upon this site just as I am embarking on a new pool project! This will be my first time so I am excited but also very nervous and would just like more than anything for this to go smoothly! So, with that said I will jump right in! I was...
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    Liability During Pool construction

    Moved from here. May I ask how liability works for owner-builder projects? Am I liable for any licensed subcontractor on my property? And how do warranties work if say a few months down the line, I have a crack in the shell or worse, a leak?