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    Suggestions for Changing pool to SWG.

    Newbie here, Pool company recommendation was for Hayward SWG system that is rated for 40K gallon. From my limited understanding that Would be too small for our 20X40 pool. Should I ask them for Circupool RJ-60 plus or is a better option? They never mentioned anything about galvanic corrosion...
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    Fix a crack in the plastic right above psi gauge in the sand filter.

    overtightened a psi gauge when replacing it on the sand filter and now have a hairline crack in the plastic housing right above the thread part. The crack becomes noticeable only when you screw in the Psi gauge sensor? What to use to seal the hairline crack? gorilla glue Or JB plastic weld would...
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    Too much chemicals for pool?

    New pool owner. never got around starting the new pool service contract so in few weeks pool was almost to green. First trip to pool store water testing they suggested cholorine 5lb shocking, 9lbs of Alkalinity up and Chlorine tabs. So brushed and vacuum and added chemicals as suggested...
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    New pool owner, Lot to learn.

    Where to look for someone that can teach pool maintenance? What would be reasonable price to pay for these lessons?