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    Heat pump wiring help

    I think I’m doing this correctly but flipping the breaker causes main panel 200A service disconnect to trip, indicating a short or I’m overloading the panel (I’m not) I had electricians run 50ft of 6 AWG wire from main panel and they installed a 50A breaker. Heat pump hadn’t arrived yet which...
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    Easytouch wifi

    Bought this house with a pool that already included Pentair Easytouch. Is it really $600 to purchase the ScreenLogic 2 equipment to use the Pentair app? Can I buy a RS485-Ethernet adapter and a wireless bridge instead? Or at least just the Pentair PC interface which is $300 paired with a...
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    FAFCO leak at header for plus misc advice

    Friends, I purchased this house in November 2019 with inground salt water pool. Pool is heated by 6 4x12 FAFCO panels and I'd estimate pool to be between 18-22k gallons. Pool is oblong shape, have no idea the surface area. One of the FAFCO panels has sprung a leak where the risers meet the...