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    Advice needed - replacing 5 foot retaining wall very near pool

    Hello TFP! I really need some advice. I have (had) an old tie retaining wall at the back of my property that is about 1.5 to 2 feet from my pool deck and about 6 feet at the shortest point to my pool stairs (probably 9 feet from the pool walls). We hired a company to replace the tie wall with...
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    Pool Safety Cover

    After installing a new liner this summer I broke down and decided to get a new safety cover. (20x40 GLI Value-X solid with small mesh center) Not so much for the safety aspect, more so for better looks, longer lasting, easier to install (after setting the anchors) and best of all, not having...
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    HELP - New liner install starting to float - Need advice

    I should have waited but decided to go ahead and install my liner yesterday. (In-ground 20 x 40) The install went great and had a perfectly fitted wrinkle free liner. However, I'm filling it with a garden hose so that is going to take 24 hours plus. The bad news is that it has been raining...
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    Help: Main Drain body screw hole stripped (Vinyl inground pool)

    I'm working on replacing my liner and have the liner off and doing some floor repair. I discovered one of the holes in the main drain body is stripped. The hayward screw set for the drain is SPX1039Z18 Here are the options I have thought of: leave that one screw out hoping the new liner will...
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    Idntifying Vinyl Liner from serial number tag.

    Looking for help in identifying the following serial number / product label from my 12 year old liner.
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    Advice needed! replacing in-ground vinyl liner - pool floor and mud

    I'm replacing my liner and I see mud around the edges where the wall meets the floor and it looks like ground water may be seeping in. Is this dirt coming through from behind the wall or the floor dissolving where the water is seeping in. Probably a bit of both. Any thoughts? The floor is...
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    Where to get this style of bead receiver for inground pool.

    Looking to replace some sections of my bead receiver. 'm trying to locate this type. Anyone know where to purchase?
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    What is this part?

    Time to replace my liner (which I haven't had to do yet). But I will need to fix several failing bead receiver sections around the pool. The sections that are failing seem to be because the backing that it is screwed into is failing. Has anyone had to deal with this kind of repair? I've...
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    Murky water - chemistry good

    Hi All, I've been maintaining a trouble free pool for over five years now thanks to this forum. However I have an issue I've never faced before. My pool is looking murky. I have a vinyl in ground pool @ 36,500 gal. My filter is a sand filter. My chemistry is as follows, tested with the...
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    Vinyl Tear in Corner above water line

    Hi all, seeking advice on what to do with the following tear. Thanks!
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    First time opening myself

    Hey all, I've only been a pool owner for less than 2 years. I found this website and forum early last summer and quickly realized how awesome the help and info here is. I bought my Taylor K-2006 and was able to keep my pool looking great. I have a 20x40 Vinyl IG pool - 36,500 gallon, sand...
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    Hi from new pool owner

    Hi all, just moved to Missouri last fall and bought a house with a 36,750 gal IG, vinyl pool. I have a sand filter (Cristal-flo) and Centurion pump (faceplate is corroded so I'm not sure about the HP). I really did not have to do much of anything before we closed the pool for the winter (used...