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  1. jark87

    Next Summer Upgrades!

    We signed a contract last May to rebuild our outdoor kitchen/bar and add a cover. There’s no good way to come off of the house and we didn’t want any posts in the patio area itself, so we opted for a steel supported shed style roof over the kitchen area. 6 months later and we finally have a...
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  3. jark87

    Official 2021 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    So who has a big Thanksgiving cook coming up? My turkey is in the buttermilk brine and I’ll be making the gravy today. Turkey goes on the smoker in the morning!
  4. jark87

    Official 2021 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    Cooked this chicken to test out the brine recipe before using on the Thanksgiving turkey. It turned out great! Brine consisted of buttermilk, bourbon infused syrup, salt, garlic powder and onion powder. Brined for about 20 hours. Sprinkled bird with a little Lanes Scorpion Steak and R Butts R...
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  6. jark87

    safety cover price

    Styrofoam floating on the surface to give the cover some tension and prevent it from sagging into the water.
  7. jark87

    safety cover price

    Our cover, a Katch-a-Leaf, isn’t a safety cover - only for catching leaves and such. They make a safety cover - Katch-a-Kid. As a point of price comparison, ours cost around $2k 15 years ago. It is custom-fitted. Assuming the quotes you are getting include custom fitting and installation, I...
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  9. jark87

    Salt water pool - Are there different kinds?

    The quick answer is that they are one and the same. The vast majority of what are called salt water pools have a SWCG, like yours. Some people add salt to soften the water for feel. Interestingly, all pools have some level of salt because chlorine contains salt. Last, SWCG typically require salt...
  10. jark87

    Best "tips" you learned from Trouble Free Pool.

    2 things: 1. Maintaining chlorine level above 5 - keeps water sparkling clear! 2. Lowering TA to 60ish and letting pH “settle” to where it wants to be instead of chasing my tail with pH rise.
  11. jark87

    What's your biggest pool "uh oh?"

    Too funny. Our tanning ledge hasn’t been used in 15 years! And in our case, it should be named the shade ledge, as it is the only section of our pool that never sees the sun, which leads me to my biggest mistake. This was our first pool, and during the design stage, I tracked how the sun...
  12. jark87

    BBQ area Brazilian style

    Very interesting! Is the fire pit in the opening below with the grate/cooking area in the opening above? Post some cooks in the BBQ cooking thread - there’s a great group that shares tips, styles, recipes, etc. I’d love to see some Brazilian BBQ techniques...
  13. jark87

    Moving from Dolphin Triton PS robot to Polaris 380/3900 plus booster pump? or not.)

    I’ve had my Polaris pressure side cleaner for 15 years now. The only thing I’ve ever had to replace is the bag and a couple of connectors on the hose. The cleaner itself works just like it did on day 1. I’ve heard of all of the robot advantages, but the fact that I don’t have to mess with my...
  14. jark87

    What did you do to your pool today?

    The floating beverage service makes it work at any temp.
  15. jark87

    Not able to lower phosphates and not sure why

    Above advice is spot on! A SLAM may be in order to address a recurring algae problem. Then maintain FC at higher levels, not what the pool store tells you. Like you, I also try to keep phosphates in check as an...
  16. jark87

    Is anybody else (who just closed recently) already missing their pool??? 😟

    Temps have been in the 90s, but I had to put the cover on due to falling leaves and seed production by the cedar elms. I hate having to close up when it’s still swim season. The upside is that construction is about to begin on our new outdoor kitchen and bar, so next season will bring a new feel!
  17. jark87

    Official 2021 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    The outdoor cooking continues! Unfortunately, Texas lost to OU today in a wild game, but the afternoon wasn’t a total loss with an easy chicken thigh cook. Dry brined for a couple of hours, a liberal dose of Lane’s Scorpion seasoning, and at the last minute, I decided to hit them with a light...
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  19. jark87

    Official 2021 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    We’ll, it’s still in the low 90s here in DFW, but it’s a break from 100s and high humidity, so the weather is perfect for grilling just about every day. Grilled some halibut and a veggie medley for dinner today. Halibut was glazed with a melted butter, honey, minced garlic, lemon juice, soy...
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  22. jark87

    Pool closing question if you use 55 gallon drum

    In reading this thread, I was wondering why anyone would use something as large as a 55 gallon drum as support for a cover. That explains it. Since I don’t drain my pool, I’m able to get away with a couple of pieces of styrofoam, which are more easily managed.
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  24. jark87

    Official 2021 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    Not a typical cook - used the rotisserie to roast some chickpeas. Super easy. Just rinsed, dried, coated in olive oil and dusted them with Malcom Reed’s Grande Gringo. The hint of smoke flavor really stands out and we have a healthy snack that’s as easy to reach for as a bag of chips.
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  26. jark87

    What did you do to your pool today?

    Brought water up to SLAM level, brushed and vacuumed, and put the cover on. It’s still 90° here in Texas, but we have storms moving in this weekend and lots of leaves about to drop. I’ll still need to come back and get some of the fasteners into the anchors once the cover stretches out a little...
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  28. jark87

    Fill pump basket every time?

    I’m glad someone asked this question, as I’ve often wondered about it. Whenever I take the filter basket lid off, usually for emptying the basket, I put the lid back on quickly and leave it there while I clean the basket. I just try to retain as much water as I can. I used to try and fill the...
  29. jark87

    Winterizing - to cover or not

    We have so many trees that I don’t have much choice. Cedar elms are the worst - small leaves and seeds that clog the filter fast. I suppose I could remove the cover after the leaves fall, but there’s really no point other than being able to brush the pool and avoid that day of cleaning when I...
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