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  1. OliviaT

    AquaBrite Eco Finish remodel: $32,000?

    ...pool in Sonoma county, northern CA. The plaster is discolored but otherwise in good shape, making it a good candidate to resurface with AquaBrite Eco Finish. (Liked the smooth surface and easy startup promise.) Our PB finally got the quote back (it took a few weeks): an additional $32,000...
  2. ajw22

    AquaBrite Eco Finish remodel: $32,000?

    That is a pricey quote. See this post from @bdavis466 who used to install Aquabrite in So Cal on why it is an expensive product...
  3. ajw22

    Glasscoat vs aquaBright

    Do you have a good Aquabrite installer? Aquabrite is time consuming and difficult to install correctly. One members view is at...
  4. D

    Plaster, Pebble, Aquabrite, oh my! Our original quote included a plaster finish with a ~$5k upgrade to ntp stonescapes mini-pebble finish. We are also considering aquabrite, which is a lot more than the pebble. My wife and son have never loved the pebble pools they've been in -- too rough/scrapey...but we also have no...
  5. V

    Glasscoat vs aquaBright

    Thank you kindly, ajw22! Thank goodness I do have a good installer available. Well, I hope! These days, it's so easy to be deceived.
  6. O

    Fiberglass needs repairing

    I just had my circa 1984 FB pool repaired and recoated with AquaBrite. Like most jobs, the prep work is critical to a professional outcome. Here is a picture of it with the final top coat on. I haven't taken any pictures with it full yet, but will try to post some. I love the look and feel...
  7. ajw22

    Ecofinish on fiberglass panels/Hydrazzo

    Both Aquabrite and Hydrazoo are fine materials that depend on the quality of the installation. If your installer has experience with it and takes the required time to install it then you should be happy.
  8. A

    Need Advice on Replastering

    ...product, particularly Primera Stone (Tourmaline), Signature Matrix (Crystal Blue), and Altima (White), and I'm still open to Eco-Finish Aquabrite. The company I've contacted is the only one in AZ whose website shows Aquabrite, and they're listed on Wet Edge's website as an applicator. So I...
  9. ajw22

    Eco Finish

    Welcome to TFP. Comments from an Aquabrite Ecofinish installer at the time who got out of the business because it was too labor intensive and expensive to make money at it...
  10. L

    Pool quotes

    Last component we are using is a Hayward aquabrite 925 and a 330 cartridge filter.
  11. S


    Most Aquabright installers don't add tile since it wouldn't be flush like tile with a plaster finish. When we add tile it is done after the Aquabrite and we can use a silicone adhesive instead of a tile mastic that in my region allows tile mastic to draw moisture and pop tile off with freeze and...
  12. T

    Ecofinish Aquabrite Colors

    Hello, I am new to the forum. I am seeking help/advise on the Ecofinish product. I did post a couple of messages and did not receive any replies. I have to let my contractor know my tomorrow, so hoping I get some responses to this post. 1) I did research this forum and read a few posts...
  13. MAPR-Austin

    Glasscoat vs aquaBright

    Is there any reason you want to go with those finishes over a cement based surface? Both AquaBrite and Glasscoat are going to be very dependent on the installer, pool surface prep, and site conditions for success. I would get some references and go in person to look at jobs they have done...
  14. D

    Help with new pool design (SoCal...south OC)

    Plaster going on tomorrow!!!! Aquabrite going on Monday+Tuesday. Should have water in the pool on Wed/Thurs...can't wait!
  15. R


    That makes sense--thank you =) I'm seeing not having to add waterline tile as a cost savings that helps mitigate the high cost of Aquabright!
  16. borjis

    Considering switching from Gunite to Vinyl

    ...I weighed fiberglass vs vinyl and chose vinyl. The first house I was outbid, then I found a house with a vinyl in ground all needing to be redone and why nobody else put a bid in. Lucky me! If it were me I'd go liner or if money is no object, consider a white aquabrite surface over gunite.
  17. D

    Help with new pool design (SoCal...south OC)

    ...and nearly two years after gunite, the pool finally looks like a pool! Plaster is on...aquabrite Mon/Tues.
  18. ajw22


    Welcome to TFP. While you are waiting for responses you can browse these prior threads...
  19. Sunnymosmile

    Not new to pool ownership but new to this pool

    ...the pool is: Size: Length 31’ x Width 16.5’ x Depth (3.5 x 6’) Features: waterfall, heater, spa Equipment brand: Jandy Pool Type: Plaster (Aquabrite?) I’ve attached some pictures as well. I’ve never felt so lost! Any tips to gain a better understanding of how everything works? The previous...
  20. borjis

    from liner to concrete pool

    There have been some conversions from full concrete shell with liner to no liner using Auquabrite. The pool does have to be plastered first so the aquabrite has something to adhere to. It's expensive, but I'm considering having it done to mine eventually.
  21. ajw22

    anyone with aquabright?

    Yes, there are mixed reviews on Aquabrite. It seems to depend on the installers skills. It is a labor intensive process and to do it right makes it tough for it to be profitable. I believe @bdavis466 used to do Aquabrite installs and gave up on that business.
  22. T

    Aquabrite- Houston Texas?

    I have learned about this product from these forums.. sounds great.... I would like to consider it for my replaster, but not sure if that is possible for remodel also not sure if can get it in Houston area. Does anyone know? I did fill out a form on their website, but just thought someone here...
  23. ShrinerManSC

    Fiberglass salt water pool-black spots

    Thanks for responding. We did shock the pool with a phosphate remover. Aquabrite. Nothing with copper. The spots are uneven. I should’ve be able to get pictures today.
  24. homegameroom

    aquabright worth the money?

    Here is a good thread about AquaBrite:
  25. S

    Timer not working

    ...sound, but it is obviously not turning. Any one had this issue before and know a fix ? Is it easy to install? I have 3 cable pipes going into it: 1. power from main on/off junction box 2. aquabrite control box 3. pump. Can you get digital ones, or only mechanical ones, which brands are best...
  26. O

    Ecofinish Aquabrite Colors

    I'm curious about your calcium staining and how they dealt with it during the prep phase. We have a fiberglass pool circa 1984 and we had AquaBrite applied two weeks ago. When they were prepping, the calcium scale from the previous owners use of CalHypo for 29 years had to be sandblasted to...
  27. ajw22

    anyone with aquabright?

    Welcome to TFP. If no one comes by with recent experiences you can read...
  28. D

    Help with new pool design (SoCal...south OC)

    A few stills of the aquabrite...first the pool: ...and the spa (almost filled): ...a close up of the aquabrite and the tile... ...a cool shot showing the tile along the benches and stairs...the bling is pretty awesome, even better in person. You can also see part of the pool cover...
  29. bdavis466

    anyone with aquabright?

    My Aquabright business was bought from me and the company that took it over is doing better than I would have had I continued. I still feel it's an excellent product but it requires a very good installer. There are some clowns out there giving the product a bad name either by install or by...
  30. S

    Timer not working

    I figured it out - I took it out the case it the plastic cogs are not turning, so it seems the electric motor has gone. Looks like you can just buy a replacement motor. Easy ! (hopefully lol)