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  1. Poolmama!

    Pentair Warrior SE troubleshooting

    Just adding on to stay my Warrior SI has stopped working as well. It's 16 months old. I've emailed Marina but no reply yet.
  2. Poolmama!

    North Texas landscape with palm trees after 2021 record low temps.

    I got the liquid copper fungicide at Walmart. They also recommend using a palm fertilizer at this same time.
  3. Poolmama!

    North Texas landscape with palm trees after 2021 record low temps.

    Check out this page if you're on Facebook...North Texas Palms & Pottery. We did what they recommended, and we're hoping it works...because our palms look so pitiful now after we did all the trimming.
  4. Poolmama!

    Adding ng heater to Pentair system that has Ultratemp

    Your problem might be getting any kind of heater right now. If you decide to sell that heat pump and are in the Dallas area, let me know. Still not sure we can find anyone to fix ours post freeze. Our PB says he normally puts them in where the water hits the heat pump first and then the gas...
  5. Poolmama!

    Texas Freeze - no parts for 2-3 months

    I think our robot is saving us...running it a couple of times a day to move the water and filter it a little bit.
  6. Poolmama!

    Cost to build a pool in North Texas?

    Unfortunately your timing got much worse due to the freeze. The builders were slammed before the freeze, and now they're drowning in calls and can't get equipment for their new builds much less help people like us who they built for and have freeze damage. Chris told me months ago he couldn't...
  7. Poolmama!

    Pentair Intellicenter Schedule Question

    Intellicenter is phone app won't save schedule changes, but if I do it on my laptop it will save it. Makes no sense as other changes work fine on my phone app, like pump speed, heat temp, etc.
  8. Poolmama!

    Placement of bench

    We have a bi-level bench/step out in our deep end, and we like having it. Lets the kids have an easier in/out of that end so they can do the jump in, get out and jump in again over and over without disturbing the lounging adults at the other end of the pool. Only preference on which side it's...
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  10. Poolmama!

    Help choosing pebblesheen color in Las Vegas
  11. Poolmama!

    Pebble Sheen Blue Surf vs Prism Blue??

    Here are a couple of close ups from last summer of the tanning ledge and step out. Those have blue glass beads added. (And there is water in the first pic! #TFPpool!)
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  14. Poolmama!

    Pebble Sheen Blue Surf vs Prism Blue??

    There’s still ice on my pool, so today’s pic isn’t much help. I’ll try again in a couple of days. We don’t get full sun until summer, so that impacts the color as well.
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    Bryant_Back Yard_main_20210222122803.jpg

  16. Poolmama!

    Pebble Sheen Blue Surf vs Prism Blue??

    Good point about the gray...our tanning ledge and steps are definitely gray. We actually had some blue glass beads added to help it look more blue. Hopefully it's sunny tomorrow and I'll add some pics.
  17. Poolmama!

    Pebble Sheen Blue Surf vs Prism Blue??

    We have Blue Surf. My profile pic was when the pool was fairly new. I'll get another pic tomorrow if it's sunny. The blue plaster has definitely faded...the pool is not quite 2 years old. Now I'm wishing we had chosen something a little darker. Blue Surf is not dark at all, and we really...
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    Dallas plumbing repair suggestions

    Or I’m open to offering a steak dinner, a bottle or case of whatever expensive beverage you like, or make a request if you can help me out!
  19. Poolmama!

    Dallas plumbing repair suggestions

    I’m actually in Celina. Should update my profile. Happy to share if I find anyone.
  20. Poolmama!

    Dallas plumbing repair suggestions

    I hope so...he said he's gotten a 'million' texts and emails. But, I have referred several people to him and given 'tours' and tips for more than several people in the neighborhood. Maybe that'll help. ;) And it'll be helpful that he's here very often so not out of his way. No drain plug on...
  21. Poolmama!

    Dallas plumbing repair suggestions

    Fortunately he's building several pools in our neighborhood (we're quite the hot spot for him!) so he's in the neighborhood a lot. So at least he can look at it soon and hopefully give me a better idea of how to proceed. Kinda hoping the plumber is in the neighborhood a lot, too, and can maybe...
  22. Poolmama!

    Dallas plumbing repair suggestions

    I’ve asked the PB to come look next week, as I recall us saying that valve before the SWCG isn’t necessary, nor the pipe circled in red in this pic.
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  28. Poolmama!

    Dallas plumbing repair suggestions

    Sorry about the first 2 pics...can't figure out how to delete them. Next pic is overview of plumbing. Cracked PVC is in the heat pump and the elevated pipe by the house wall and around the turn to the Jandy valve. Below are cracked pipe pics.
  29. Poolmama!

    Dallas plumbing repair suggestions

    Anyone have suggestions for plumbing repair in the North Dallas area? We have PVC damage, and I know many of you handy people would be able to fix this yourselves. Unfortunately, we aren't handy people. Contacted our builder, and of course his plumbers said it will be 'a while' before they...