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  1. Heliman500

    pH and TA Balancing

    Moved from here. @JoyfulNoise greetings Sir, I have a similar situation with my pool chemistry, PH of 8.3 and TA 122. 16,000 gallon pool built 4 months ago. In this particular situation, as I understand it, you recommend bringing down the PH first, and then see where the TA ends up. I guess...
  2. Heliman500

    Plaster thickness

    Getting ready to set my 1.5” pipe flange fitting to accommodate microbrite lights. I am wondering how thick the plaster (quartscapes) should be so I can determine how far the flange should protrude. The fitting shown in picture is not glued so pipe can be recut if need be. Thanks in advance
  3. Heliman500

    Rut-roh...pool vacuum return protruding too far

    does anyone have solutions for fixing a pool sweep connection that was gunited too far out? Maybe chisel out surrounding gunite, cut off pipe, and glue new slip connection on? Wondering if there are any shorter, low profile, return slip connections? Or just leave as is. Thanks in advance
  4. Heliman500

    Return fittings installation and sizing

    I have 4 1.5” returns back to the pool. 3 returns are in series off one side of 2” T, and 1 return is sitting solo branched off the other side of T. 2 of the returns are positioned over a shallow shelf. All returns are positioned to promote circular flow back to the skimmer. I am wondering...
  5. Heliman500

    Glass tile upkeep with hard water

    Has anyone had first hand experience with glass waterline tile in an area that has hard water? I am worried it will be harder to upkeep than porcelain tile. Any thoughts?
  6. Heliman500

    Quartzscapes blue plaster turning grey

    Hey Folks, I was advised by the pool plastering company to stay away from the darker blue colors in the quartzscapes finish as they have a tendency to turn grey. Does anyone have first hand knowledge / experience of this? Thanks!
  7. Heliman500

    Pool overflow size

    Shooting gunite tomorrow..whoop whoop. One last item I am having second thoughts on and that is overflow drain size. I was originally thinking 1” but contemplating bigger. Any thoughts? Pool build located Northern California. Thank you in advance @mas985 @cowboycasey
  8. Heliman500

    Recommendations on pool tile finish

    Hello all, Can anyone help recommend a tile that will match with the water color created by a Mediterranean blue pebble tech finish in a pool with full light? Thank you!
  9. Heliman500

    New Owner Builder Northern California Sierra Foothills

    Uploading pictures and build progress of an owner build project in Northern California. Pool basics: 14x36 with an additional cabo shelf. Exposed downslope wall with a faux negative edge detail. I did the excavation but subbing out the rest of the work. Welcome any input and happy to share...
  10. Heliman500

    Warm white vs regular white microbrite LED light

    Hello all, wondering if anyone had any first hand experience of each of the microbrite white lights, pictures would be awesome, trying to decide which will go best with a dark blue interior finish. Thank you in advance
  11. Heliman500

    Faux infinity / negative edge

    Hey folks, I am underway with a new pool build. The pool is being built on a slope with an exposed downslope wall. We are looking at finishing the top of the downslope wall with a 45 degree tile feature, most commonly described as a faux infinity edge. I have a pleasant view downslope and want...
  12. Heliman500

    pool plumbing for new construction

    Hello folks, We are in the process of starting a new pool build and just broke ground excavating yesterday. After talking to a few different plumbers regarding the plumbing for the pool, it appears there might be a few different ways to skin a cat, however, I am looking at plumbing in a...