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  1. Shirker

    Puck Floater

    I have SWCG but as we start to move into the cooler months I was thinking of getting one of those floating puck chlorinators (I don't close for the winter). In the past I have put pucks in the skimmer after the water gets too cold for SWCG (I know this is bad for the pump & plumbing). Is there...
  2. Shirker

    FB Pool Group

    Facebook just sent me a recommendation to join a pool group. I checked out a few threads and it seems very active, but OMG! I think I would go nuts in there. They are using pool store testing and everyone is offering crazy advise (often contradicting one another). I'm so glad I found you...
  3. Shirker

    Official 2021 Pool Critters Thread

    Common enough, but the first snail I have found in the pool. Much better than some critters for sure!
  4. Shirker

    Solar Pool Covers

    We are starting our second summer with our in-ground 16x32 pool. We did not use a cover last year and I was a little disappointed in water temp. Mostly stayed in the high 70s. Realistically, how much warmer could I expect the pool to be with one of those bubble wrap style covers? Holy Crud...
  5. Shirker

    Open For Business

    We hit a water temp of 60 degrees this past week which is my trigger to get the SWCG connected and water balanced. How you like my sock of CYA?
  6. Shirker

    Can't wait for spring!

    The pool has been running on autopilot all winter. Just a little bleach and an occasional puck to keep FC up. The robot takes care of everything else. We had some beautiful weather yesterday and I'm getting excited for spring! Based on my salt test, I've dumped almost 5k gallons of rain water...
  7. Shirker

    Pool service came out today

    Pool service came out today to service my pool... I don't have pool service. They were at the wrong address! Lol. I wish someone would accidentally cut my lawn! I asked them what all they added (some alkalinity increaser (which I probably needed) and calcium (did not need). Then I gave...
  8. Shirker

    Official 2020 Pool Critters Thread

    First time seeing one of these around the house. I thought it was a stick until it started walking.
  9. Shirker

    Do I Have CCs?

    When I do the CC test (10 ml sample with TF-100), I can sometimes see a very slight haze in the water. Not discernibly pink. Not really any color at all, just not 100% crystal clear. One drop of R-0871 brings it to 100% clear. 1.) In the past I have treated this as zero b/c the sample did...
  10. Shirker

    Inflatable Slide Recommendations?

    Anyone have good experiences with an inflatable pool slide? If so, what brand/model? Kids are 14 and 11. Thanks in advance!
  11. Shirker

    Rough Concrete Coping - Solved

    When our pool was installed over the winter, I questioned the texture of the concrete cantilever coping. It looked and felt really rough but I was told that it was normal and it was supposed to be rough like that. Now that the water is getting warm and the kids are getting in the pool, I...
  12. Shirker

    #Covid #WorkFromHome #LunchBreak

  13. Shirker

    Cartridge Filter Cleaning Schedule

    I know it is recommended to clean the cartridge after 25% increase in pressure or once a year (which ever happens first). Is that just the minimum? Is it OK to clean more often? I cleaned late last year. But we had some pretty heavy pollen drop a couple weeks ago. Is it OK to give them a...
  14. Shirker

    A Little Concerning

    I was walking around the pool this morning trying to wish it to get warmer. I notice what looked like a screw on the bottom of the deep end. Surly just some odd looking bug or something, right? My brush has a magnet on it so I dipped down and pulled up... a screw. I have not used anything...
  15. Shirker

    Bad Idea? Or Absolutely Ingenious?

    My pool is too full and the skimmer is no longer working. I have a new lawn that needs to be watered. Could I pipe my waste line down to a garden hose to run a sprinkler?
  16. Shirker

    Cheap Solar Motion Lights

    I found a two-pack of solar lights on Amazon for about 20 bucks. Surprisingly bright. Makes walking out to the equipment pad a lot easier after dark.
  17. Shirker

    Suction Cup Damage Liner?

    I have a thermometer tied to a suction cup which is stuck to my vinyl liner pool wall. Will the suction cup damage/stretch the liner over time? I'm worried that if I keep it there long, I will end up with a little bulge there. Should I be concerned? Anyone else have experience with suction...
  18. Shirker

    The best thing about SWCG...

    ...Is the free hydrogen gas. Be sure to turn the volume up!
  19. Shirker

    Solar Pool Heater

    I'm doing what most pool owners who don't have pool heaters have probably already done. I'm googling and watching youtube videos on how to build DIY black tube solar pool heaters. I think I have decided that I just cannot build one as cheaply or as efficiently as a commercially built one. But...
  20. Shirker

    CSI Low Vinyl Pool

    Should I even be tracking CSI? Vinyl pool with concrete coping. I thought it might be important for the SWCG (which is not yet installed for the season) or the pump. I'm currently sitting at -0.80.
  21. Shirker

    Working From Home #COVID

    Air Temp: 83 Water Temp: 64 If this lasts another week or so, WFH will not be too bad.
  22. Shirker

    3D Printed Pool Pole Attachment Hanger

    I'm looking for a good way to hang my leaf net, brush, vacuum, etc.. pole attachments. Surprisingly I have not found any 3D printer designs I like. Before I attempt to design one myself, I wanted to see if any of you have anything. I just want a single bracket with screw holes top and bottom...
  23. Shirker

    Can't wait for first swim...

    The downside to winter build... I can't wait to jump in.
  24. Shirker

    Cavity in New Concrete

    Pool deck was poured on Nov 8th. Today I started cleaning some of the mud that has accumulated and notice a couple spot in the surface. They are not very deep. Is there a good way to fix? Can I fill with some sort of epoxy?
  25. Shirker

    Skimmer Basket Lifter

    I'm now on the hunt for a cheap skimmer basket lifter.
  26. Shirker

    Good Floating Lights Yet?

    I have searched this forum for any good floating lights (either long lasting battery or solar). Seems like the consensus is that they are all Crud. But most of the threads are a few years old. Has anyone found any "good" floating lights recently?
  27. Shirker

    Only 60 Watts?

    I can't believe how little power this pump draws. Granted, I have to turn off the main drain to get any skimming action but at just 60 watts, I have no problem running it 24/7
  28. Shirker

    New Build | Athens Georgia

    We are finally on the schedule for a winter build hopefully starting in the next couple of weeks. But first we have to take down our existing fence and have some trees taken out. We setup a temporary pen to give our indoor dogs an area out of the future mud. 16x32 rectangular vinyl liner with...
  29. Shirker

    Prevent Concrete from Cracking

    Have not gotten full quotes from pool builders yet, but what should I look for in the concrete decking? Sand or gravel base? Rebar size? Thickness? We have very clay soil around here if that makes a difference. I'm willing to pay extra to make sure everything is done correctly. I really...
  30. Shirker

    Video Suggestion

    I'm not sure who is responsible for the TFP YouTube channel but it looks great. Very clean, professional, and easy to understand. I have a suggestion for a possible video or series of videos.... Who would be willing to let their pool go green? It would be neat see a detailed step-by-step...