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  1. BobRad

    New pool liner bottom FADING- AGP

    Wow that was a good guess - I used my Talor kit to check CYA today and its 38/39... first reading of 35 was from the pool store. So has any one gotten to the bottom of why the bottoms of the liners fade? Upon closer inspection of the quoted thread above it appears the original poster and I...
  2. BobRad

    New pool liner bottom FADING- AGP

    It was at zero when i started and then i got it around 35 after the initial treatment and then i added a bit more.. But recently i noticed it was down a bit from the test strips and added a bit more today.. Id have to guess somewhere around 40ish based on what i have put in and factoring in...
  3. BobRad

    New pool liner bottom FADING- AGP

    Hi all. I put up a new pool this spring and have thoroughly been enjoying it with my kids for almost 2 months now. Just today after the sunset i was swimming around in my now heated pool I might add and while submerged under water noticed a difference in contrast between the bottom of the pool...
  4. BobRad

    NEW AGP Build Toronto CANADA

    I got a lot of extremely useful information from this forum which allowed me to make informed decisions..
  5. BobRad

    Advice for AGP site prep

    Looking at your picture it looks as though there is a small puddle in the middle... That will be filled in with the sand just before the installers erect the pool. The perimeter of the pool is the important part to have level. A foot inside and outside of the perimeter of where the wall will...
  6. BobRad

    NEW AGP Build Toronto CANADA

    I am starting this thread with the hope that it may help others. This is my install for a new Aqualeader 13ft X 20ft X 54 inch, Oval Above Ground Pool with an Aluminum Wall and resin components and a Beaded liner. I do live in the Toronto area (Canada) just north of Niagara Falls for those who...
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  17. BobRad

    Base Height ? w/ Foam board base & Unibead/J-Hook Liner

    The pink and blue boards are super expensive up here in Canada despite the fact that they are made here as well. Im leaning towards alternative brands for less money which also means not as hard unfortunately.. I actually drew my pool on a sheet of graph paper with each square representing a...
  18. BobRad

    Base Height ? w/ Foam board base & Unibead/J-Hook Liner

    Ive put a note in my note app regarding pool installation and hopefully will read it and get a measurement when the time comes and post it for all to see.. From what ive read the seam should sit roughly in the middle of the cove.
  19. BobRad

    Base Height ? w/ Foam board base & Unibead/J-Hook Liner

    I'm using crushed lime stone for the base of the pool perimeter and because its whats available in my area. Since i will be going the foam base route i may aswell continue with the crushed lime stone for the whole job rather that 2 different substrates. Second option being sand.. but the sand...
  20. BobRad

    Base Height ? w/ Foam board base & Unibead/J-Hook Liner

    I am also soon to install my first above ground pool and in the same boat. I believe when they mention pool base height it is supposed to be at level with the bottom track of the pool as going above or below that level would distort the pool depth and liner installation. In my case i plan to...
  21. BobRad

    Skimmer location AGP new build

    Thanks for the reply. Not sure if all the brands are similar when it comes to the order of placement. I should have mentioned that my pool brand is Aqualeader.
  22. BobRad

    Skimmer location AGP new build

    I have a new AGP in my garage to be installed in about a month or so. 13' X 20' Ft X 54" high Aluminum Oval. My first thoughts were that the skimmer should be installed on one of the straight sections of the pool as the skimmer is straight and not curved to match the radius ends of the pool. I...
  23. BobRad

    Hello from Canada

    Hi Partymomma, I just joined the site as well. Im not too far from you in Brampton, Canada. I have an above ground in my garage going up soon. Lots to learn here I can tell you.
  24. BobRad

    New AGP build, base questions.

    Thank you for the valuable information.. That's what I was looking for. Turns out I have a Multi Bead liner, from Findlay Vinyl. It appears as though it just hooks onto the pool wall. I don't see any seem to cut down so that it snaps into a track, nor did I find any pool wall track to hang the...
  25. BobRad

    New AGP build, base questions.

    Hi all I finally managed to buy an above ground pool and have been waiting since last year for it. (2020) Funny thing we had a family meeting the year before and decided if we thought it was good idea the next year we would go ahead with it. Then Covid happened that spring and by the time we...
  26. BobRad

    Hello from Toronto Canada

    Hi all, I will soon be setting up my new 13X20 AGP and find my self continually coming back to this site. I figured I might as well join. I ran a hot tub for a few years so I do have an understanding of how important PH levels are and can affect everything. My Questions soon to follow will be...