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  1. Bozer4

    High CH

    Thanks for advise guys, I think I'll purchase a sump pump and wait for winter. Maybe if we get a wet winter (fingers crossed) I could use the sump pump to drain water from the deep end before or after a storm and let the rain water bring my CH number down, it's worth a try. If it's a dry winter...
  2. Bozer4

    High CH

    Hello, please see numbers below. FC-7 CC-0 pH-7.3 TA-75 CYA-40 CH-700 Water temp. 84*F I'm thinking it may be time for a partial water replacement due to high CH levels. My fill water has a CH level of 90 and there is no rain in the forecast (Ca drought) anytime soon to do a natural water...
  3. Bozer4

    slightly green pool color

    Good point about the runoff issue, I think I'll install a drainage system along that leading edge of grass, maybe a french drain.
  4. Bozer4

    slightly green pool color

    Hello, I woke up this morning to a slightly green pool. We've had a solid 3 days of rain with very windy conditions. I had to drain my pool down a couple of inches three times to keep my water level where it needs to be. Here are my numbers. FC 4.8 CC .1~.2 pH 7.9 TA 70 CH 600 CYA 50 Temp 47*...
  5. slightly green pool color2.jpg

    slightly green pool color2.jpg

  6. slightly green pool color.jpg

    slightly green pool color.jpg

  7. Bozer4

    Water return leaking at bonding wire penetration

    Thanks, I'll give it a shot, it's worth trying. 👍
  8. Bozer4

    Water return leaking at bonding wire penetration

    Consolidated Manufacturing Water Bond Fitting 2 Inch | WB200SS The weak point on this fitting is the wire penetration, I think a tee with a threaded fitting would be a better option.
  9. pool bonding2.JPG

    pool bonding2.JPG

  10. Bozer4

    Water return leaking at bonding wire penetration

    This is what I probably have.
  11. WB150SS water bond.jpg

    WB150SS water bond.jpg

  12. Bozer4

    Water return leaking at bonding wire penetration

    The pool was constructed last year and the city inspector did look at the way the pool was bonded and signed off on it, that doesn't mean it was done in the best way though. I'm thinking it should have had a special fitting like in the link you sent me. Maybe a fitting similar to the pics below.
  13. 25810-850-000-econ-union-with-bond-catalog.jpg


  14. 25810-pool-defender-compact-design.jpg


  15. Bozer4

    Water return leaking at bonding wire penetration

    Hello everyone, I have a small water leak in my return line where the bonding wire is penetrating the pvc return line (see pics below). Bonding wire is required per code but is there a better way to seal this penetration? It looks like installer drilled a hole and inserted wire with some pool...
  16. bonding wire2.jpg

    bonding wire2.jpg

  17. bonding wire1.jpg

    bonding wire1.jpg

  18. bonding wire3.jpg

    bonding wire3.jpg

  19. Bozer4

    calcium hardness

    Thanks Marty, that's an excellent idea!
  20. Bozer4

    Typical Calcium Hardness for Texas pools?

    I'm in the same boat, my CH level is 600ppm. I'm using the Pool Math app to keep my CSI in the acceptable range. My TA is at 60 and my pH is at 7.6 which puts my CSI at -0.06 with a water temp of 68*F. Brett
  21. Bozer4

    calcium hardness

    Thanks for the advice I don't want to replace the water until necessary. I'm using the pool Math app and it shows my CSI Index number is at -0.06 which I'm happy with but what is the maximum CH level that I should have without doing a water replacement to avoid scale? Is it okay for my CH level...
  22. Bozer4

    calcium hardness

    Hello everyone, here are my numbers. CL 8 (maintained with liquid CL) CC 0 CYA 50 PH 7.6 TA 60 CH 600 Water Temp 68* My city fill water has a CH level of 90ppm so my levels are always rising, levels usually go up about 50 ppm per month in the summer due to fill water, not as much in the winter...
  23. Bozer4

    Lube O-Ring?

    Hello, is it recommended to lube the O-Ring on your pump lid or the big O-Ring on your filter housing after removing them for a cleaning? If so what type of lube or brand works best? Thanks, Brett
  24. Bozer4

    Should I add borates to my pool?

    I let my TA get down to 50ppm last year and pH didn't seem to stabilize, I was getting a little concerned because my CSI was getting too acidic for my liking with the new plaster. Fill Water: pH 7.8 TA 50 CH 90
  25. Bozer4

    Should I add borates to my pool?

    FC-7.6 (10% liquid bleach) CC-0 CYA-50 TA-80 PH-7.6 CH-350 WATER TEMP-70* CSI: -0.10 Hello everyone, The PH on my pool typically rises from 7.6 to 8.0 over a period of 4 days, I think if I let it go it will rise over 8.0. I've been adding 31.45% muriatic acid every 4 days to keep my PH in...
  26. Bozer4

    water line rising due to rains

    I deal with increasing calcium levels as well. My fill water has 90 ppm and my levels are rising. This rain may help out a little, I'll have to wait and see where I'm at after the rainy season.
  27. Bozer4

    water line rising due to rains

    There's no overflow line but there is a hose bibb between the pump and the filter that I can attach a hose to. I'll turn on the pump, open the hose bibb and drain the pool down to the middle of the top tile.
  28. Bozer4

    water line rising due to rains

    Thanks, I'm also concerned about the water reaching the plastic strip between the tile and the concrete deck. I'm not sure if that's water proof and water could run under the deck and cause problems.
  29. Bozer4

    water line rising due to rains

    Hello, The water level on my pool has been rising due to a series of wet storms in California (see attached pic). Right now water level is approaching the top of the pool tiles. Should I pump out a portion of water to get back to the middle of the tile where normal water level is? Water...
  30. pool water line.jpg

    pool water line.jpg