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  1. red-beard

    Mapperton Live - English Manor - Pool Related

    Hilarious couple (He's English, she's American) exploring the Manor and Estate he has taken over from his parents. He is "minor" nobility, the Son of the Earl of Sandwich. They definitely need some help from TFP! Cleaning the Pool - It was built in the 18th Century (1700's) A year later...
  2. red-beard

    Contractor accused of taking more than $1M from families, leaving projects unfinished

    This is just reported on the news today in the Houston area. Very sad for all of those people.
  3. red-beard

    We have a Band

    Someone on Facebook called our group "Bleachers". Well if appears we have a band!
  4. red-beard

    DIY pool!
  5. red-beard

    Pulling the plug

    Do you pull the freeze protection/drain plug when you clean the cartridge filters? I've never do thing before, that I remember. Today, the water left in the cartridge holder was really really dirty. I pulled the plug and let the rest of the dirty water out. I found the bottom full of...
  6. red-beard

    Metal removing - Culator

    Anyone have any experience with this thing? Does it really remove metal from water? Asking for "a friend".... But seriously, what is the chemistry behind this thing? Is there a way to drop the metal out without it depositing back onto the walls and floor of the pool?
  7. red-beard

    Move the SWG cell or leave it alone?

    I installed a standalone Hayward Aquarite system last summer. It uses the Hayward T-15 cell. My Aqualogic automation system quit working about 10 days ago. I replaced the main board over the weekend and it is NOW an Aqualogic Plus. The new board looks like it has the ability to control my...
  8. red-beard

    Lightning Strike - Need to look at new Automation

    I have/had an Hayward Aqualogic system for my control. It is 14 years old and has had issues (Aqua Pod 2 issues). I'm getting a "Communication Error 2" message and a phone number to call. The good news the VSP pump and SWG are working. They work "standalone". They were on a relay in the...
  9. red-beard

    Iron stains

    Well, the Samsung S21 is I took it into the pool to get some shots of the iron stains. The drain really seems to show what I think is iron staining. You can see the top part does not seem to be colored. But the main part is. I didn't take shots, but all of my "eyeball" jets seem...
  10. red-beard

    What is your daily/weekly routine?

    Honestly, I check the skimmer baskets each day and use the net to get anything floating out each morning. I also use the net before I get in. Pool robot gets the rest. Maybe 5 minutes. Weekly, I usually test and adjust SWG and Muriatic Acid. And I brush (yes, I brush) the top of the tile and...
  11. red-beard

    Iron - How much will cause Staining?

    I found the water report for our water system. It does list Iron, but it looks like a low level. But the internet is not helpful.... How does this iron level look? Heck, what about the other items? We get brown stains in the toilet water deposits.
  12. red-beard

    Would you swim in a "Natural" pool

    Basically they are "ponds" that use "natural" water circulation to create a "green" pool. But the article seems to imply they are "cleaner" than a chlorine based pool. Some of the comments are idiotic as well. Sounds like a friggen pond and it will have bacteria and all sorts of nasties in it...
  13. red-beard

    Father's day smok'n

    Couple of pork shoulders with a bit of rub
  14. red-beard

    Reducing TA - How long?

    FC 8, pH 8.0, TA 90, CYA 80, Borates 50, Salt 2900 as of 7 AM this morning. Poolmath says to add 1.5 gallons to reduce the pH to 7.0. Added! I'm now "aerating". The question is, how long should this be? Lower Total Alkalinity - Trouble Free Pool just says to keep doing it until the pH reaches...
  15. red-beard

    Hayward Aquatrol

    Is this basically the same as the Aquarite, just with a timer?
  16. red-beard

    Circupool SJ-20

    My friend (@deerocks) is having quite a bit of trouble with her Circupool SJ-20. Anyone have this model?
  17. red-beard

    Added Boric Acid

    I added the Boric acid and see the other thread about using the Crud from Home Depot. My TA did not change based on the TA test, still about 70. I'm also increasing my CYA to 80, about 1/2 way there (76 with my eyes). The goal for me is to reduce my CA down to a level that the maximum pH is...
  18. red-beard

    Oily crud on surface of the pool

    I think I used the wrong Boric Acid in the pool. I used some powdered stuff from Home Depot for half of my 50 lbs. I was able to get the powder to dissolve, but now, over 24 hours later, I have a whiteish layer on top. Looks like pollen. I'm guessing it was some byproduct in the Boric Acid. It...
  19. red-beard

    Skimmer Socks

    I bought some and like them. But....They are very fine mesh. Is there brand that is a less tight mesh? I want to catch bugs and small stuff. The regular skimmer socks catch stuff as small as dust and I think they are reducing the flow in the skimmers. The main thing I want to catch is ants...
  20. red-beard

    A pH question

    I'm starting to see other pool sites start to promote the idea of FC based on CYA. Some of them are not new articles, but they are popping up in my news feed. And one article used all of Chemgeek's graphs and data. But here is the...
  21. red-beard

    Review of Pool Blaster Max Li

    Actually a great product. I bought an Aquabroom years ago and was not impressed. The Pool Blaster Max has good suction and a thick filter to hold silt and sand. I have a Maytronics Robot for my main cleaning. But there are 2 issues: 1) I have a spa that the robot can't clean. 2) The robot does...
  22. red-beard

    Yikes! 10-12 inches of rain coming

    They are estimating 10-12 inches of rain. In my pool, 12 inches of rain is almost 5000 gallons. Just bought more CYA and need to go get about 3 bags of salt!
  23. red-beard

    Pool cleaner for the spa

    Back when I had my Polaris 280, I would occasionally toss him into the spa and turn on the pump. It would help, but not great. I had at one point a water hose based manual cleaner. Getting the big hose out and setting up for suction vacuuming is a huge chore. So, they sell those manual...
  24. red-beard

    The Masks are coming off

    Walmart and Costco have announced they are not requiring people who are vaccinated to wear masks. This is based on the latest CDC information. When I was in Idaho this week, everywhere outside City of Boise they've stopped wearing masks. In Boise, you walk around outside without one, put it on...
  25. red-beard

    Chemicals to toss

    I was cleaning up today. I'm saving the dozen or so Trichlor devil's candy, for nostalgy. I found a 1/2 gallon of clarifying agent and tossed that. Phosphate remover? Gone. I also tossed some Roundup, a pool bucket filled with blue chlorine goo, which I think was some early non-stabilized...
  26. red-beard

    Model numbers matter

    My VSP does not seems to be producing the flow compared to the curve. The Tristar VS pump is supposed to be a 1.85 hp pump. Well, it is. If you have a SP3202VSP. Mine is apparently the older model SP3200VSP. And that is a 1.65 hp pump. A bit of digging around and the Hayward site, I find the...
  27. red-beard

    Heaters need water

    I'm playing around with my VSP speed and had adjusted it to 65 GPM. I turned the heater on and it was heating the pool very very slowly. This morning, I pressed one of my preset speed buttons (3450 RPM for 6 hours) and ran the heater. Pool temp rose more than a degree per hour. Lesson of the...
  28. red-beard

    Cleaning Taylor test sample tubes

    Any suggestions? I have 4 and some are getting gnarly
  29. red-beard

    VBG compliant pool drain

    My pool was built in 2007. The pool builder made a big thing about using these pool drains as being the safest. They were main drains used on those pop-up in-pool cleaners. The open area is large enough to allow feet into the opening. This does not seem like it is VBG compliant. This is the spa...
  30. red-beard

    Family Members who own pools

    But won't listen to their siblings about TFP. Am I right? No no, the pool store told me to do this....Yikes...