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  1. Bryan62

    Fibreglass pool bracing for painting

    I have just completed all of the osmosis & black spot and filled holes where I have ground them out. I have also sanded the whole pool shell now ready to paint. I have three acrow props across the width of pool as I read it needs bracing if water is removed. I have to paint one coat of epoxy...
  2. Bryan62

    Hole in pool

    I have just completed grinding out osmosis and black spots and on the very last osmosis bubble I ground too deep and now have a hole in the floor of the pool shell about 2cm x 3cm in the shell. Can I repaid this myself with a kit they sell at the hardware store, then a coating of megapoxy or...
  3. Bryan62

    Fibreglass below ground pool, painting.

    Hi to everyone. We have had our pool now for 27 years. I drained the pool due to a leak, osmosis, black spots, rust and just a complete restore. Have had different quotes from painting to lining the pool. Prices have ranged from $6000 to $12000, to removing $7000. I have looked at paint...