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  1. Rich807

    TFP FC Levels & Cartridge Filter Degradation?

    Pentair has sent me a new set. Actually, they had a local firm deliver a new box of 4 & they took my disintegrating ones at the time of delivery. Will post back if/when my old filters are looked at by Pentair. Fingers' crossed they don't try to jam me after the fact for these i.e. come back &...
  2. Rich807

    TFP FC Levels & Cartridge Filter Degradation?

    Update: Initiated help case with Pentair Cust Svs. Curious to see what their take is.
  3. Rich807

    TFP FC Levels & Cartridge Filter Degradation?

    Link to someone else with same issue. Pentair filter cartridge end cap deterioration
  4. Rich807

    TFP FC Levels & Cartridge Filter Degradation?

    They came from a local pool builder supply company along with all the rest of the equipment at the time of my pool build (spring-Summer 2020). I was home when everything was delivered & thru the entire build process (COVID working from home).
  5. Rich807

    TFP FC Levels & Cartridge Filter Degradation?

    No to anything electrical near where I store them. I pour my chemicals in by hand & that's always thin stream of product into usually 2 separate return streams i.e. if I'm dispensing 60oz of liquid chlorine I'll usually pour 30oz of it in front of 2 separate jet returns. I'm really stumped...
  6. Rich807

    TFP FC Levels & Cartridge Filter Degradation?

    Emphatic 'no' to putting chems in skimmer. This pool as never seen anything poured into the skimmer or even near it for that matter. I thought I've read here over the past year + that 7.2 was within 'normal range' & that folks with hard &/or high-alkaline content water were often better to be...
  7. Rich807

    TFP FC Levels & Cartridge Filter Degradation?

    Hmmm. I thought I was inputting some of the other values in there but perhaps not. I started out with CYA about 60 a year & a half ago & have religiously managed my chlorine IAW the CYA/Chlorine chart on the website here ever since. My Ph is always in proper range & is quite stable. My...
  8. Rich807

    TFP FC Levels & Cartridge Filter Degradation?

    In the box they came in, in my garage. The ones shown here sat in the box over last winter. My 2nd set sat in the box in my garage all spring/summer (March-to-today). No signs of degradation on those today when I pulled them out of their box & installed them in the filter housing. The set...
  9. Rich807

    TFP FC Levels & Cartridge Filter Degradation?

    Yeah I get that but I have am the kit recommended here & know how to use it. The results I’ve gotten seem suspect… something isnt right somewhere. From what I’ve read all over this forum / site, CYA does degrade over time, slowly, but it does degrade. My timeframe is over a year & a half...
  10. Rich807

    TFP FC Levels & Cartridge Filter Degradation?

    Test kit says cya no more than 50 normally. I do adjust for water temp when taking a cya read this time of year I.e. I let water warm up inside before I do the test. I’ve been wondering for most of the summer & all fall if my CYA reagents are good b/c I can’t see how my CYA is anywhere near...
  11. Rich807

    TFP FC Levels & Cartridge Filter Degradation?

    I normally run FC up around the 6-7 range due to summer sun load & my best read on my CYA values
  12. Rich807

    TFP FC Levels & Cartridge Filter Degradation?

    I try to keep my pH normally around 7.2 but it’s almost never banging 8 before I hit it with MA. My CYA, best guess, is around 40. Reason I say best guess is my kit & when I had pool store run water test just for poops & giggles (like 6 months ago) read higher. I’ve not put any CYA or ran a...
  13. Rich807

    TFP FC Levels & Cartridge Filter Degradation?

    Changed out my Pentair OEM cartridge filters today for my 2nd set. Pentair ones were in the housing filtering water from Mar ‘21 to today. The ends of the Pentair filters are disintegrating already as seen in the photo & that’s nuts to me. They came with the pool which was built mid June 2020...
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  15. Rich807

    Liquid Chlorine Usage Not Consistent

    My pool is about the exact size as yours & is getting brutal sun / heat right now for a big chunk of the day (its been above 110 degrees for day stretches lately) . My CYA is 50 & I'm dosing around 39 ozs of liquid pool chlorine (walmart brand) a day. ETA: Running a baseline of 8ppm & lately...
  16. Rich807

    How often do you swim this time of year?

    4-5 times a week. Would be every day if I could pull it off but life & occasional weather breaks running streaks here/there.
  17. Rich807

    How often do you test?

    FC every other day if solar cover has mostly been on pool. FC every day if mostly no cover having been in use or heavier than norm bather load. PH pretty much when testing for FC as I’m forever trying to keep my TA down to somewhere close to the upper neighborhood of recommended levels. CYA...
  18. Rich807

    Finally!!! Swim time!

    Nice yard. Looks like you have a floater in the pool. Do you use pucks as a normal sanitizing method?
  19. Rich807

    Chlorine tablets aren't maintaining chlorine levels

    Your sanity & your wallet will thank you once you switch away from the pool store merry go round.
  20. Rich807

    TF-100 Chlorine Cylinder Losing Markings?

    I just started using my chlorine only one about 2 months ago from the TF100 kit I bought about a year ago. 10min mark about off already. May scribe or do the tape it thing to it today.
  21. Rich807

    Bleach vs Chlorinating Liquid

    My question out of curiosity is has anyone reported getting foam in their pool from using it?
  22. Rich807

    The algae is winning and I want my sanity back!

    I had pool store people’s reports (3 successive water tests covering about 6-7 weeks time) showing that my CYA was increasing a lot. Funny thing, that would be impossible as I was only putting liquid chlorine & muriatic acid in my water for last 9 months. When I questioned the last clerk...
  23. Rich807

    1 lb. bags of shock in lieu of liquid chlorine...?

    This is where things start to go bad.
  24. Rich807

    Pentair Pump Intermittently Re-Priming

    That oring is very old in my world. I replace that one, the big one on the filter housing & the one on my filter housing drain plug about 1x a year.
  25. Rich807

    Pentair Pump Intermittently Re-Priming

    How old is the o-ring under the clear lid on your pump basket? Do you / have you ever lubed it?
  26. Rich807

    Little specs of algae.. mustard?

    Phosphates are basically of no concern here at TFP. Pool stores love to focus on them as they can sell you more stuff, stuff you don’t need to buy & put in your pool. The TFP method has you keep your pool fixed by always running the correct amount of sanitizer (chlorine). Pool store water...
  27. Rich807

    Difference between daily and weekly chlorine tests

    The only test I use in the swim season is the drop test & that’s every other day if pool has been covered. If pool gets used a given day or has been uncovered I do a drop test daily.
  28. Rich807

    Baja shelf depth

    I’ve owned 2 pools, one with a shallow wet deck, one with a deeper one. Current one is 18” & we love it. Going deeper gives more options IMO I.e. You have option of being able to float up onto the deck with ease, some robots will work in that depth water, you still can use the step down to the...
  29. Rich807

    Do I need to worry about sulfates?

    That's an emphatic *YES*/ No-Brainer.
  30. Rich807

    Do I need to worry about sulfates?

    I specifically didn’t mention or recommend he wear a respirator, which is the main culprit in the example referenced in the TFP page of a specific ppe item that can cause more problem than protect against when untrained people employ them. I’m in an industrial setting at my job. Improper...