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  1. Yargnits67

    Cloudy pool issue

    Hello folks! I’m at my moms house and her pool became cloudy after a trip and some advice from a pool store. I didn’t bring my test kit so we are relying on pinch a penny test results. I don’t live close enough to go home and get it. Next trip I’ll bring one and teach her to use it. But for now...
  2. Yargnits67

    What is the best underwater camera?

    Hey folks! I’m curious what about underwater cameras. I’m not brave enough to use my phone and research is mixed. Do we just buy a GoPro or some cheaper version? What do you all use? I’m not attempting to be a professional photographer, just take some fun pics and videos of the kids in the pool.
  3. Yargnits67

    I stained my pool, help please!

    So we had a three small rust spot in the pool, each smaller than an eraser. So I grabbed a nylon sock and put AA in it and placed it on the stain. When I removed it I now have a large black stain which is the dye from the stocking. Can I fix it and how?
  4. Yargnits67

    Florida Build started 11/24/2020 - lots of pics

    We started our pool on 11/24/2020. It's a 32x16 rectangle. The stairs are 8x6. We are doing a concrete decking with acrylic. No bird cage, no spa, no heater. Here is what we do have: Jandy TruClear 11K Jandy VS FloPro 2.7 Jandy CS 200 Filter Jandy Never Lube Values Jandy Hydrocool Nicheless...
  5. Yargnits67

    Show me your green pools and waterline tile!

    Hey folks, We are trying to decide on the pool color and our waterline tile. We are currently considering a pebble finish that is called sand and we are thinking a natural color light brown waterline tile. What I am hoping you all can do for us is show us your pools that have green water and...
  6. Yargnits67

    New Pool Quote - Space Coast of FL

    Hey folks, I posted a little while back about the pool design. Kim had some good points so we finalized our design and it's basically a big rectangle. We want minimal decking. Looks like the company we are interested in uses Jandy. Below is the quote. Please provide your feed back. The pool is...
  7. Yargnits67

    New PB Design - Space Coast of FL

    Hey folks! I found your site a little while ago and started reading all I can. There is soooo much to read! We have two good quotes so far. We really like the geometric design with no rounded corners and minimal decking. One company uses Pentair and another uses Jandy. I haven't had many in...