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  1. les_garten

    Dolphin M600 Loses WiFi to App?

    The M600 looks like it is connected but my phone app cannot connect with it. What's the easiest way to re-establish this?
  2. les_garten

    Air in Pump Skimmer Help

    I just redid the plumbing and Filter on my system to plumb in a new Filter. I also changed out the Volute on the pump(Intelliflo VF) Put a lot of Unions in. Removed the non functional Heater. Now I have a problem keeping prime. Loses it pretty fast. Have air in the skimmer of the pump. I...
  3. les_garten

    Questions for Dolphin Robot Cleaner Owners

    I am thinking of getting a Dolphin Active 30, or M600 cleaner. For you owners of the Dolphin cleaners, have you had any issues with them? Do you wish you bought something else? If so, what should you have bought in Hindsight? Any reliability issues? How do you like the cleaning quality? If...
  4. les_garten

    Kreepy Krawley twisting the night away!

    I have a Kreepy Krawley that is doin' the twist even better than Chubby Checkers! I had it out of the pool for a while and the hoses were curlicued, so I replaced the ones I thought were giving me trouble. But it has not solved my problem. I hate to buy a bunch of hoses and it be something...
  5. les_garten

    Intellibrite 5G Light and Controller Problem

    I am having problems with my light. The pulses to the transformer are not correct. I've had this happen a few times in the past and let it run a while and worked the switch. The controller is the intellibrite dial type box that pulses the transformer. But tonight it was worse when I tried...
  6. les_garten

    Hayward DE4820 Main Body Seal Leak

    I just installed this filter. It has a new(new to me at least) 3 piece clamping system. I have to say, it is pretty nice compared to what was on my Pentair and previous Hayward. But... It's leaking a little. It is spec'd at 150 inch pounds torque. So I'm kinda afraid to lean on it a lot...
  7. les_garten

    Hayward DE4820 Blowing DE plumes -- Need advice

    Hello, I just redid Filter, pump, chlorine tab feeder, some valves, plumbing, etc. Placed a DE4820 Pro Grid Filter and Hayward SP0715XR50 Multi valve. There were no instructions with the multivalve. I looked all over the Internet and it looked like the pool outlet went to the top right...
  8. les_garten

    Do I need a Backflow check valve?

    I am doing some refurb on my pool gear. I am replacing the DE filter with a new DE Filter. I also will be removing a heater that does not work. The heater will not be replaced. On the heater plumbing out flow, there is a back check valve it looks like. Do I need to replace this when I...
  9. les_garten

    Pentair 320 vs 320c

    I have been using the 320 for some time. No issues. I need to do some replumbing that will require replacing that section of pipe. Am thinking of putting in the 320c. Anybody have experience with whether the Amber body cracks or fogs up over time?
  10. les_garten

    What Size DE filter should I get?

    I need a new DE filter. I have an inground pool somewhere around 13,000 gallons. Have an Intelliflo VF pump. Currently have a Pentair FNS Plus 36 that needs replacing. Stripped drain threads. Should I get a 48 sq foot DE?
  11. les_garten

    Need Filter Buying Advice

    Hello, I have the pool in my signature. Currently have a Pentair FNS Plus 36 with Multivalve. Installed when the pool was new. The bottom is pebbletec. A number of years ago, while cleaning the filter, I screwed in the drain plus and there was a pebble in the threads. This jimmied them up...
  12. les_garten

    Need help troubleshooting a Leak!!

    Hi, Looked at pool this morning down about 4". Didn't look at it for sure yesterday, but didn't notice anything when I took the dog out. Looked at pump, dry basket. IntelliFlo had alarmed and shutoff thankfully. Complaint was "Dry Basket" or something like that Level was near the bottom...
  13. les_garten

    Kreepy Krauley Disc Question

    Hello, I have a Kreepy Krauley Classic with the Starfish Disc on it. It is getting kinda thin. When should it be replaced?
  14. les_garten

    High Filter Pressures??

    I have a Pentair Intelliflow and a Pentair DE Filter. I needed to clean the filter because of high pressures. I took the filter apart and a number of grids were holed. So I replaced them all. Put in New DE but my pressures did not go down? All the returns are returning strong flows. Any...
  15. les_garten

    Inteliflo VF Priming question

    I have an Inteliflo VF that I just did the first Backwash with today. The priming everytime you want to do a backwash is driving me crazy. Here's how I would normally backwash my DE filter. Put valve in backwash position Run pump, watch output to see if it is clearing, run a few minutes...
  16. les_garten

    Pentair Intelliflo VF Warranty?

    I'm trying to find out the warranty on Intelliflo Pumps. I've looked all over Pentair's site. Did searches everywhere as well. I was talking to a guy on Friday who said they had upped the Warranty from 1 year to 3. But I can't find that anywhere. Do you guys know if the warranty is 3 years?
  17. les_garten

    Pentair Intelliflo VF vs VS?

    I need to get a new pump. I am considering the Intelliflo VF. It has been out a while. Should I be looking at another "computerized" pump? I think I want the VF over the VS. Has there been any issues with maintaining the motor or electronics over the long run?
  18. les_garten

    Dead Zodiac G4, Need replacement, Kreepy Krauly or G3?

    So I have a Zodiac G4. Last week or so, the skirt has been falling off. So I started looking around to get a new one. I've been a little worried about it because it's a few years old and just seemed to be getting brittle feeling. Well, when I fished it out to put the skirt back on this...
  19. les_garten

    Pool Water Change, Question about best numbers?

    I just did about a 65% water change(Trichlor) to lower CYA, that was fun... My pool is Pebbletec Inground After some adjusting I have: CL-4 pH- 7.4 TA - 110 CH - 250 CYA - 30-40 Borates - just started adjusting back up from 15 I don't have to add water very often, rain usually takes care of...
  20. les_garten

    Partial Water Change

    I had high CYA so I just did about 50% water change. I am going to check everything and see if the CYA is where it needs to be. If not, I'll drop some more water out. Once I get the CYA where it needs to be, what order should I balance the other chemicals in. I'm a BBB pool.
  21. les_garten

    Intelliflo Weather Resistance??

    I've read in a few threads here about some assertions about the Intelliflo series having issues with Rain intrusion. That can't be true, can it? I can't imagine something that should be more weather proof than an outside pump. Anybody have any experience with this?
  22. les_garten

    Zodiac Barracuda G4 Diaphragm Ebay or OEM??

    I bought a "Long Life" diaphragm off Ebay and it did not seem to last very long. Anybody have any opinions about the aftermarket diaphragms versus the Barracuda/Zodiac branded ones?
  23. les_garten

    Intelliflo and Suction side cleaner questions

    I am looking at replacing my 1 HP Whisperflo with an IF VF. With my current setup, I have to crack the skimmer line about 2/3 closed to run the suction line on a Barracuda G4 cleaner. Will the IF make it where I don't have to close the skimmer as much, or not at all? I'm hoping I can open the...
  24. les_garten

    Pentair Whisperflo Cracked Motor Mount - Cool Pictures!

    OK, the cool pictures thing was to cruise for readers! But we do have PIX, just not sure how cool they are! I took apart my Pentair Pump today to put in the gasket kit and I knew I had a hosed Seal Plate. I didn't expect the motor mount to be screwed. The top pic, you can see where the mount...
  25. les_garten

    Looking for a Type of PVC Fitting

    I'm looking for a "stub" of PVC Let me explain. I'll use an example. I need to cut out a 2-way valve in a manifold of other 2-ways, T's etc. But in reality, I've been thinking about the need for this for a long time. So, normally you cut out the fixture on both sides enough to put in...
  26. les_garten

    Hard time figuring out Suction Leak

    I have the setup as noted below in my sig. Bought the house in Apriland it had the leak when I bought it. I was worried and called out a "pool guy" and he said not to worry about it! Yeah, OK. I've been working on it ever since when I think of something to try. I have a lot of air in my...
  27. les_garten

    Pentair Whisperflo Lid Alignment?

    I have a Pentair WF. There are alignment marks on the Lid. If I tighten it reasonably by hand, it doesn't come very close to alignment. I have air inthe basket and am trying to track it down. I was thinking of making a wrench or buying a wrench to tighten the lid. But I'm afraid to put that...
  28. les_garten

    Light Sealant?

    In April I bought a new house with Pool, Yippee! So I soon discovered that the Pentair SAM Light was partially filled with water. I changed it out with a LED Pentair Intellibrite 5G. When I pulled the old light out for change out, I noticed a silicone type Filler sealant around the cable. I...
  29. les_garten

    How much can I drain my Pool?

    I have a Plaster IG pool. My Cya is "around" 100. If I were to drain the pool, what is the safe amount you can drain a pool down? We have pretty high water tables usually in Florida I think. I'm interested in the max safe amount not only for now, but in case something needed to be done in...
  30. les_garten

    Pentair Whisperflow Motor Loose?

    I have a 1 HP Pentair Whisperflow pump. It is working fine, except for one thing. I was cleaning out the basket and noticed when I powered it back up, I saw the motor move. It was hot and I couldn't investigate further at the time. So last night after it had cooled down, I grabbed the end...