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  1. swmasson

    Pump won’t prime

    Thanks for the advice, I’ll check it today… Could a small drip leak cause this to happen? Water level is good…
  2. swmasson

    Pump won’t prime

    My neighbors pump won’t prime, water levels are all good but there’s a lot of gargling noise and the pump isn’t filling up, the filter pressure is low and fluctuating… There must be a small leak somewhere as the ground under the equipment is a bit wet… Any ideas on how I can figure out the...
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  5. swmasson

    Jandy Jxi heater - Pool Temp

    Hi everyone, I’m having problems getting the pool heater to turn on, the jandy remote doesn’t display a pool temperature and therefore the gas heater doesn’t turn on the heat and displays “ENA”… Does anyone know what the cause would be? A faulty temp sensor? Can I do anything to heat up the...
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  7. swmasson

    Gas heater bypass - Rtn header leaking

    The blue label goes to the aqua pure and then to the heater, the other pipe labels heater actually goes to the pool, but that diverter valve was the correct way to bypass the heater… but the heater is making a strange noise like it’s starting up and shutting down… thanks for the help! steve
  8. swmasson

    Gas heater bypass - Rtn header leaking

    Hi Everyone, We had extreme weather here in Houston which resulted in my Jandy LXi heater leaking from the return header, I have the part on order but my pumps are off due to the water passing through the heater… I can’t figure out if I have a bypass! Can anyone tell from this photo if there...
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  10. swmasson

    Water level and above staining/deposits

    Ok thanks, I’m not sure about the filter terminology, but it’s cartridges, here is a photo of the name plate... I’ll need to look into what liquid choline is, as I’ve only ever used the tablets and packets of shock when needed... ive had the pool for a year now and only now after refining it...
  11. swmasson

    Water level and above staining/deposits

    Hi @kimkats, Thanks again for your help, I don’t believe I added any CYA after refill, I only shocked with one pack, I added some no metal and some calcium and some pool perfect+Phos free and 13lbs of baking soda... I couldnt figure out how to edit my signature, might be cause I’m using my...
  12. swmasson

    Water level and above staining/deposits

    thanks for the reply, I currently take a sample to Leslie Pools and they test the water for me, I only filled it upabout 10 days ago, this is the latest results, I’ve since added muratic acid and shocked the pool...
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  14. swmasson

    Water level and above staining/deposits

    Hi everyone, I’ve had a pool for a year now and not had any algae growing - However, to remove some metal staining I emptied the pool and had it acid washed, now I seem to be getting some algae growing around the water level and just below, also in the corners, most of the areas are at the...
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