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  1. borjis

    2-speed STS1152R only runs at high speed

    Just finished installing a new 2-speed motor. Century STS1152R I wired up an appropriately rated (20A/330v) SPDT wall switch (researched on the forum & posted to confirm: It works on high
  2. borjis

    Proposed 2-speed wall switch wiring...good to go?

    The existing single speed 1.5 hp pump motor is now starting to make bearing noise. I was waiting for it to happen as an excuse to replace it with a 2-speed and the day has arrived. I have an ao smith/century STS1152R 2-speed motor arriving monday. I've researched various threads focusing on a...
  3. borjis

    Polyfill did not turn brown after 3 days of filtering

    I have traces of iron in my city water supply. Every other year, the water turns green when the first chlorine of the year is added. This was supposed to be a "clear" no green year. But it wasn't, it turned green but not a dark green as usual. In fact, it is green enough that I can definitely...
  4. borjis

    Iron in municipal water..not from a well.

    I just received a report from my city water supplier and noted the following line item: IRON: none to 0.197, secondary mcl 0.30 Interesting notes on the Iron content. Is this the reason why I have the problem? Seem like maybe I need to get some of that Jack's magic pink stuff to get rid of...
  5. borjis

    Every time a new guest is over they say....

    Just had some new guests over saturday for swimming. I hear this line from someone. Every Time: "This is the clearest pool water I have ever seen." I respond with a smile, then mention TFP forum and the knowledge of our ways. They are always surprised to hear that a proper test kit and a...
  6. borjis

    Pool Blaster MAX / Catfish how long did yours last?

    I bought a poolblaster MAX 3 years ago. It worked great for spot cleaning. I had no robot at the time, just a suction cleaner so it was very convenient at times to use for a quick floor clean. The first one I had lasted nearly a year and I made the mistake of not letting it air out all the...
  7. borjis peat moss ever used instead of sand?

    Growing up we always had above ground pools. We had a 2 feet deep fairly small one first, then later got a 4 foot deep round. I remember it well, the box label said: "Muskin Quick Swim" It came with a very small cartridge filter and basic test kit. The outside walls were painted a yellow...
  8. borjis

    Without a good test kit, we truly are blind to the correct solution

    I've been a dedicated TFP'r since I bought my first home with a pool. A good test kit is so's a non-starter. You just have to have one or as we all know it's guessing and wasting money. Now this post is about testing, but in this case not for pools but for lawn. The entire lawn...
  9. borjis

    Dolphin E10 Review

    I wasn't sure exactly when I would be getting a cleaning robot, but did a lot of reading to find one that could scrub but hopefully be under $ 400 ish. Matt's (Joyfullnoise) post with his recent robot purchase got me motivated to at least see what was available now and I'm really glad I did my...
  10. borjis

    Water turned slightly green...unusual.

    Bit of a mystery here. I had a brand new Raypak heater installed last thursday. Added 4ppm of chlorine (unscented regular bleach) on saturday and ran the pump all day with the suction robot to clean the pool. This was the first addition of chlorine since last november. I am on city water, not...
  11. borjis

    Heat exchanger freeze damage...replacement cost?

    Big winter storm here last week..sub freezing Temps for a week. Dumb move that I didn't drain the heater as its leaking now when I run the pump. Any guestimate what a replacement job + labor will cost? (Tdying to avoid getting gouged) I saw one on amazon for 900 ish, but saw posts a few years...
  12. borjis

    Anyone tried the full face snorkels?

    I just got this on amazon: : Royal Journey Full Face Free Breathing Design Snorkel Mask for Adults and Youth. (Black, L/XL) : Sports Outdoors It's $ 10 off now since last week. This mask is incredible! Little to no fogging (it quickly clears when you inhale) and you can breathe...
  13. borjis

    All the copper threads reminded me of a funny thing from childhood....

    It was around 1982. Summer, friday night. My 2 sisters made some story up about going somewhere (i.e. they didn't want me tagging along) shopping at the mall i think. They get home at 10pm. Both of them with wet hair and get this, my blonde sister now had light green hair haha. They...
  14. borjis

    New to gas heating...question

    I had solar panels at my old house/pool. Gas heating where I live now, The heater internal components look clean/newish. I'm planning on taking off the service cover and inspecting, cleaning any spiderwebs etc before firing it up for my first time this weekend. My question is this, when the...
  15. borjis

    Is my skimmer too high or pump too powerful?

    odd thing about my pool. It skims well (after adjusting jets of course) but I noticed that the water level of the pool must be at least 1/4" ABOVE the middle markings of the skimmer or it vortexes and sucks air every 10 seconds. If the water level is at the middle mark it has this problem...
  16. borjis

    old home movies

    I transfer old films and tapes as part of my job. Seen many with swimming pools over the years. Just saw another from the early 60's on just now and the first thing I think? I would love to test that water! haha
  17. borjis

    Soda Ash and TA Increases for upward pH changes

    You sure about that?...I only use soda ash and it has very little affect on my TA...with 2 entirely different pools I've managed.
  18. borjis

    is low CYA harmful to a vinyl liner?

    Because CYA acts as a buffer to chlorine...does that mean that little to zero cya is bad for a liner as the chlorine is then "more harsh." or is it less harsh to swim wear and skin more than anything else? I had CYA of 30 just before winter started...I have zero now due to lots of rain and...
  19. borjis

    what happens if my inground liner over fills due to rain?

    We're getting monsoon rains and I already drained 3" of water saturday. Woke up this morning and the water level was 1" away from touching the T-track. Would water get behind/under the liner and cause me major trouble if somehow the rain over filled my pool? I do have french drains all around...
  20. borjis

    IS this seal still good?

    the one on the left? Bwahaha! I've seen some bad seals but this one takes the cake. The bad one was literally like gel consistency. new one on the right of course. holy cow!! I got a seal kit to fix my leaking pump, good thing too, all 3 were really bad. no leaks now!
  21. borjis

    anyone here own a V Green 165 vs pump?

    I'm looking to replace my superpump motor for a 2-speed but found a really good deal for a ao smith (formerly century) ecm16cu V green 165 vs motor. The issue I have is that the sand filter is VERY close to the pump and re plumbing is not an option. It's a tight fit, if you have one and could...
  22. borjis

    auto chlorinator plugs

    The pool I recently inherited had an inline tab chlorinator hooked up at one time. The chlorinator was already disconnected and a single black tube, connecting to the skimmer pipe and the return pipe was put in place. It's in a rather vulnerable position and I would like to put a "cap" on...
  23. borjis

    Perplexed on actual capacity

    I had found old paper work stating my pool was 16,500 gallons. When I did the fresh fill after the new liner was installed a week ago, I first did a 5 gallon bucket test. It filled the bucket in 25 seconds (good pressure!) With that math I determined (with the fill time) the pool was actually...
  24. borjis

    1/2 HP whisperflow...can someone confirm length?

    Long story short I need a confirmed length from motor to wet end. Found a good deal on amazon but they're showing it as 28.5 inches long. Another place says 24.5 That's all I have room for. Anyone with 1/2 HP model can confirm? Also the service factor is 1.5 Should be plenty for eventual...
  25. borjis

    Anyone ever make PH UP (wash soda) from Baking soda?

    Found an online article that says you can convert Baking Soda to washing soda this way: pour baking soda onto a cookie sheet or glass pan, spread it out very thin Heat in the oven at 400 degrees for 15 minutes remove it, give it a good stir around Bake another 15 minutes take it out let it...
  26. borjis

    About to run pump first time in months....ok to prime then backwash before filter?

    Just got my liner in yesterday. return jets & skimmer have been trimmed and refitted, filling to water line now. The sand filter site glass has green water in it. It was clear 2 months ago when I first looked at this home for buying. I'm assuming the water inside the filter is green as well...
  27. borjis

    Did pool math get an update? TA is different

    I was using pool math saturday then just looked and it seems the TA range was changed from 70-90+ to 50-90+ why the change?
  28. borjis

    Need new new timer & GFCI I 115 or 230?

    I have a disconnected Intermatic timer, the plate says it's an E10694 Pretty sure by the look it's seen better days and would like to replace it. Is that a T104? I didn't see T104 anywhere on it. I'm not sure if I'm 115v or 220v. my pump and gas heater will do both. Here is a photo of the...
  29. borjis

    Sold house with a pool, bought another house...with a pool

    My mission is clear! Will post progress photos. Scheduling liner replacement asap. Hoping to have it up just in time for the last weeks of the season. I'm certain most of the folks looking at this home were interested til they saw this. I knew I wanted it right away LOL!
  30. borjis

    Don't toss the thermometer

    A few weeks back I was taking a temp reading of the pool water. I usually keep it in the skimmer. I decided I wanted it in the pool instead and tossed it a bit too forcefully. Well it hit the coping and I heard a cracking noise then it bounced back into the pool. When I took it out, I saw...