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  1. kellyfair

    I’m back!

    After a glorious two week vacation. Spent a week in Boone, NC and had a great time - didn’t reali how much I missed going somewhere until i went somewhere! Here’s my favorite photo so far, taken on the Blue Ridge Parkway:
  2. kellyfair


    Over the past 2 weeks, I’ve drained at least 8 inches of water from pool, and it’s raining again! Plus a tropical storm on the way.
  3. kellyfair

    We had a good time on AGP zoom!

    A good discussion about all things AGP! Topic: TFPC Expert Discussion - Above Ground Pools Time: Jun 26, 2021 10:00 AM PDT/ 1 PM EDT
  4. kellyfair

    In search of good valves that don’t require a loan

    Holy cow. Prices have definitely gone up! I want a couple of good ball valves that won’t lock up on me but that also won‘t cost an arm and a leg. Union ends would be sweet (unless they are problematic... not sure I have seen any commentary on those here before).
  5. kellyfair

    CircuPool arrived today!

    Yay! Will be forming installation plan this week - I also have some plumbing I want to redo.
  6. kellyfair

    Aeration definitely works

    My rock solid PH that I never have to mess with shot up to at least 8.2, maybe more. Culprits - return eyeball was pointed just a little too high, creating turbulence, and it’s been super windy the last few days. My very old MA is still pungent, so we’ll see where I am in 20 minutes or so!
  7. kellyfair

    How do you get your PVC measurements right?

    Looking to improve my PVC skills. I have a heck of a time getting my measurements right, and I typically have to improvise some after I’ve got everything cut and ready to glue, in order to make it work. Anyone have any tips?
  8. kellyfair

    From too many options to almost no options!

    I’m driving myself crazy looking at all of the different options. Several different Circupool options (why all the different lines??), Hayward, Pentair, argh!
  9. kellyfair

    So, I have just one issue with my new pool

    And it‘s that there is only one intake (the skimmer). I’m not used to that, and with this awful pollen season I have to watch my skimmer basket because it fills up very quickly, especially on a windy or stormy day when the whole neighborhood’s leaves find their way to my pool. I don’t know if...
  10. kellyfair

    Saltwater Aurora all-resin pool build thread!

    I hadn’t checked in a while to see if the one I wanted was back in stock, and it is! I just ordered. Haven’t decided on pump/filter yet. Pool weather comes soon around here, and I want to get this thing installed before it gets too hot!
  11. kellyfair

    Guess who starts a SLAM tomorrow?

    Power surge tripped my pool pump switch a couple of days ago, and since it was timed to run at night, I didn’t notice right away. Have a hint of green started in the part that takes longest to get full sun, so I’ll be SLAMing starting tomorrow morning! Shouldn’t take too long to clear.
  12. kellyfair

    Non-Intex-type Liner Designs

    I think it’s no secret here, how much I hate the Intex checkerboard! I’m hopefully installing a permanent AGP next year. Would love to see real-life pictures of non-Intex liners, with design name, type (beaded, overlap) and where from. Thanks!
  13. kellyfair

    I hope the pool shortage is over by spring...

    Because one of my horizontal bars rusted all the way thru. It was hidden by the sleeve but now it’s noticeable. I will be hosting a virtual memorial service towards the end of summer.
  14. kellyfair

    A new record - water temp 96 degrees

    We have finally hit a temp that is too warm for me! 🥵
  15. kellyfair

    Planning for next year - all resin AGP?

    So, I’m going with something more permanent and a little bigger next year. Probably 18’ with 52” or 54” walls. I love having an AGP because I don’t have to worry about my dogs falling in (I run a rescue group and years ago, one of our members found her dog, drowned, in her pool - it was awful)...
  16. kellyfair

    I should have known not to put the drain hose away!

    I was already over the top of the skimmer, before this hit!
  17. kellyfair

    So Much Rain! Bye bye, CYA...

    We were overflowing like crazy over here. Took advantage of a lull to drain a few inches. Supposed to get another band in 20 minutes or so. :snorkle:
  18. kellyfair

    Well, this week is a wash out...

  19. kellyfair

    I’m back!

    Hello old friends and new! I signed on today for the first time in almost 2 years - can’t believe it has been that long! My pool water is beautifu, but the weather - not so much. Looks like we’ve entered the “thunder and lightning every day” season around here!
  20. kellyfair

    Time for another ‘Post Your Clear Water’ Thread!

    Seeing a lot of posts saying “have algae but water is crystal clear” or, “all my neighbors just shock once a week and their water is crystal clear.” So, post your TFP water! Here’s mine (you also get to see Thermoducky):
  21. kellyfair

    So you feel a little hungry, but you don’t want to get out of pool?

    Here you go... and it’s DIY! LOL Remote Control Snack Float
  22. kellyfair

    A Cautionary Tale...

    So, my water is beautiful, clear as glass and I’m very much in maintenance mode. Brush once a week, test FC and PH every couple of days and the rest less frequently, and all is well. Yesterday at Lowe’s I was picking up a couple of garden hooks for some new wind chimes. Walk past housewares and...
  23. kellyfair

    Need an idea for vacuum hose

    Looking for a way to attach my hose to the stairs that works a little bit better than this. When I’m in the pool I always put the vacuum up on the steps and try to put the hose through the sides just so it will be out of my way, but it always comes loose. Any ideas? This is my CYA sock; I’ve...
  24. kellyfair

    Where I spent my afternoon

    Hope the neighbors couldn’t hear me snoring! Water was 88°, perfect!
  25. kellyfair

    Today is fence day!

    Yay... getting my new vinyl fence installed - goodbye rotting wood! Went outside to check on them a little while ago, and they had stuff leaning on the pool liner! :hammer: Squawked like a chicken and got them to promise they won’t let anything else touch my liner!
  26. kellyfair

    Sadness Pool Float

    Bought this at Sam’s several years ago, and love it. Sadly, it is starting to break. NO idea what brand this is, and haven’t seen them in Sam’s since I bought mine. Anyone know the brand?
  27. kellyfair

    Jerks with Wings

    Otherwise known as wasps. I spend a good chunk of my time in the pool on wasp lookout, net in hand, ready to drown them. I’m constantly hunting their nests and zapping them, but of course all the neighbors are probably playing host to them as well. Found this thread. My water is perfect so I...
  28. kellyfair

    Where’s the water?

    LOL, when there isn’t a breeze, I do a double take, making sure there is water in there! Thinking about doing river rock around the base. I like the idea I saw someone else post, about doing edging around base of pool to keep rocks from affecting liner.
  29. kellyfair

    Bought new pump gauge from

    And it doesn’t fit. :( I guess the Intex sand filter only takes Intex gauges?
  30. kellyfair

    2 questions - slimmer and pump gauge

    Hi everyone! Got the pump up and running, and after a scary moment before I realized I forgot to tighten one connection, it’s pumping and we aren’t leaking! Yay! I noticed my pump gauge isn’t falling all the way to zero when pump is off. It does go to green, about a 1/3 of the way to zero. When...