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  1. ka8yiu

    CSI with waterline tiles

    Having a fiberglass pool, I have always followed advice I got here that a negative CSI, down as low as -.6, was OK. But, I actually have waterline tiles, and was wondering if I should be maintaining a higher CSI to avoid the grout from being damaged. Thoughts? Kevin
  2. ka8yiu

    Slam single drop testing

    Long ago, I read a way to test during a SLAM to conserve your reagents. What is that process? I recall one drop for one ppm.
  3. ka8yiu

    Filter causing cloudiness?

    I have been using TFP since buying my house with an in-ground pool four years ago. I check my chem levels several times a week using the TF-100, and have since week 1. I have to replace my filter cartridge twice a year. The last three times, immediately after inserting a new cartridge, my pool...
  4. ka8yiu

    Best non-copper based algicide

    I do not use algicide in my pool as I maintain my FC properly. But, what is the best recommended algicide that does not contain metals? My reason for asking is that my neighbor used a mixture of a capful of algicide and 1/2 cup of liquid chlorine in a garden sprayer to clean his pool cage of...
  5. ka8yiu

    Inline Puck Chlorinator

    I only use my inline chlorinator if I will be out of town, or I need to raise my CYA a little without being in a hurry. But, one thing I am curious about is how full the tube fills when my system is primed and running. If the chlorinator has one tablet in it, then X chlorine is being provided...
  6. ka8yiu

    Pump clicking

    My Hayward Max Flo VS suddenly starting clicking at the rear of the motor. Thoughts on if it’s the motor, bearings or maybe debris in the fan at the back of the housing?
  7. ka8yiu

    Gnats? Thousands of them!

    My pool screen has no holes in it, but I get thousands of what look like gnats floating on the surface in the afternoon/early evening. My pool has no problem skimming and filtering them, so what I’m looking for is any ideas where they might be coming from. We noticed this two years ago (our...
  8. ka8yiu

    I have brought someone to the Light Side!

    I received a slightly frantic call this morning from a friend and neighbor that his pool suddenly went green. Since he has admired my pool, he thought my “expertise” was needed. (I chuckled at that, with a big ol’ smile on my face.) I grabbed my TF100, jugs of chlorine and a bottle of water to...
  9. ka8yiu

    New book by Robert Lowry

    Robert Lowry apparently has a new book out called “Pool Chemistry For Service Professionals.” I saw it for the Kindle.
  10. ka8yiu

    Local article on SWFL pool care vs. up north

    A local publication had an interesting article about pool care in SW Florida. It compared differences in pool care needs here vs. up north. I was surprised at the references to proper levels of CYA. Page Viewer - Charlotte County Florida Weekly - AtHome I am not sure if the link will work, or...
  11. ka8yiu

    How much time is spent on your pool care?

    Numbers don't lie, and a recent post here got me thinking of how much time do I actually spend on my pool care. Well, I started writing a note on my phone, and it just kept getting more involved! I thought I would share the note here for fun. I hope my math is correct: How Much Time Caring...
  12. ka8yiu

    Expense Log Spreadsheet

    I wanted to start the new year and track how much I spend on pool supplies. So, not finding any spreadsheets that I liked, I decided to muddle through and make my own. Can this file be uploaded to the forum for others to use?
  13. ka8yiu

    Returning Home Post-Irma

    We made a last-minute decision to bug-out as hurricane Irma moved more west. So, to prepare, I raised the FC to SLAM and then I lowered about 11 inches of water out of the pool and killed the power to the pump. One-week later, almost to the hour, this is what we returned to. After vacuuming...
  14. ka8yiu

    "Guess" Strips

    My wife just returned from visiting her sister who just relocated to Louisville, KY for her husbands work. They bought a house with an IG pool. So, like I did with my brother and his recent acquisition of an IG pool, I sent them a TF-100 kit as a housewarming gift. I remember her commenting...
  15. ka8yiu

    Wet, clumpy CYA

    I only use my inline chlorinator if I will be out of town, and to raise my CYA level. With a lot of rain in June, needing to pump out water lowered my CYA to 20. I was using pucks while gone for a week, but I ran out of them and had to buy stabilizer and add it through a sock. So, I have my...
  16. ka8yiu

    I am officially a Pool Snob

    I have been using the TFPC method since buying our house last year. For the local 4th festivities, we got a room at a local downtown hotel to walk to and fro. Winning VIP passes, the food and beer was free! When we checked out this morning, I did a quick peek at their heated outdoor pool. I...
  17. ka8yiu

    Rain diluting my CYA

    In SWFL, after a drought, the rain is here! Therefore, the process of needing to drain some water from my pool begins. (My lanai drainage adds a lot of the rain water into the pool requiring me to regularly pump some out.) As a result, I find my CYA likes to lower from the natural water...
  18. ka8yiu

    Quick TA, Ph question

    Let's see if I'm following this: Raise TA: add baking soda Raise Ph: add borax Lower TA and Ph: add acid Raise Ph, lower TA: aerate
  19. ka8yiu

    How high CC and TC get during SLAM?

    When slamming, how high can you expect to see your CC and TC get? For example, let's say my SLAM level is 12. If I maintain my FC at 12 for several days, can I see my CC and TC rise to 24 or 36 or more, or does the CC start to disappear? Kevin
  20. ka8yiu

    Built Right Heaters

    Does anyone have any experience with Build Right Pool Heaters? They are locally produced (SW FL), and locally lauded as good.
  21. ka8yiu

    Can anyone identify these tiles?

    I know this is a long-shot, but can anyone ID these tiles, or suggest an outlet to search, so I may attempt to get some as possible replacements? I had one come off, and I can re-attach it, but spares would be a good idea. Kevin
  22. ka8yiu

    CYA testing clarification

    When testing for CYA, my TF-100 kit states to mix and "WAIT" 30 seconds, then mix again. However, I see posts and videos that state to "MIX" for 30 seconds. I have done both methods and I see no difference. I may be splitting hairs here, but is one method the correct method, or does it truly...
  23. ka8yiu

    Pool bottom springy

    We have had a lot of rain the last month to 6 weeks. Last night was no exception. My lanai and pool both borderline flooded. After cleaning and re-testing chems, I decide to cool off in the pool. I take about two steps, and I feel the bottom giving a little, almost like a spring board. Any...
  24. ka8yiu

    Tile grout

    I have several small holes and nicks in the tile grout. Is there any particular product to use for spot repairs, or is some form of grout repair from home improvement stores sufficient? K
  25. ka8yiu

    UV and chlorine

    I take it that the culprit during the day that causes the loss of chlorine is UV. Now in the south the UV is a year-round issue. However, the UV index may still max out lower in the winter months. So, has anyone with a year-round pool noticed a measurable decrease in the amount of chlorine...
  26. ka8yiu

    TFP Forum is my new Facebook

    About a month ago, I removed the Facebook app from my phone. I had gotten really tired of a lot of stuff on Facebook, and it was too tempting to just launch the app and see what was new. Well, the Tapatalk app, with the TFP forum, has become a replacement for Facebook on my phone! I can't tell...
  27. ka8yiu

    Cloudy after brushing...Calcium on walls?

    I have a fiberglass pool, and I can wipe my finger across the walls and get a slight white residue on my fingers. The day that I brush the walls, my pool is slightly cloudy the remainder of the day, but crystal clear all other days. Test numbers: 8/23 - 0745 FC 10.5 CC 0.5 TC 11 pH 7.4...
  28. ka8yiu

    Housewarming gift

    I just ordered a TF-100 kit and speedstir for my brother as a housewarming gift. Their "downsizing" house has an in-ground pool. I am trying to get him to use this method, even though he does work a lot. Kevin
  29. ka8yiu

    Looking for CYA 50

    I am looking on the tftestkits website, but I am not finding the CYA 50 solution to "calibrate" my eyes to doing that test. Is it still available? Kevin