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    Also, make sure you remove and scrub the ladders, light niches, skimmer door, and all those little places algae love to hide.
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    Best way to add polyquat to the pool at closing

    I put mine in front of return like LC. 🤷‍♀️
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    Extended closing

    That thought did cross my mind but then we started to get actual Fall here in Central PA and the water temp was 62 yesterday. We're scheduled to close Monday 10/25 so I think we'll be ok.
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    lowering water level question

    We are on public sewer. We do have a sewer clean out in the front of yard (I assume that's what that white cap is). The wastewater system is owned by PA American Water and apparently they don't want residents draining pool water into the sewer clean outs. Does that sound normal? I know draining...
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    Worms? What gives?

    And crickets. I swear those little b*&$%#$s are having a pool party every night. I hate crickets.
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    lowering water level question

    I know I'm overthinking this but here goes. I'm having someone close the pool but I'll manage my own chemicals. Pool is schedule to close on 10/25 so a little less than 2 weeks. According to Loop-Loc, my water needs to be 15-18" below the top of the pool. Base on that, I need to lower another...
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    Gizzmo & Dual Port Skimmer

    I have a plugged port in my skimmer as well and have the longer blue gizzmo but it came with the pool so I didn't purposely buy that one.
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    Worms? What gives?

    YES! I've had a ton the later part of this summer and now fall. And caterpillars of all shapes and sizes. My robot is working overtime.
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    The TPF Method Works

    Nice work, beautiful pool!
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    Is anybody else (who just closed recently) already missing their pool??? 😟

    My pool is still technically open and this warm weather is killing me. The water temp this morning was 66* so too cold to get in but I'm starting to get concerned that it won't be 60 below when I close it. Not the end of the world, I know. It's scheduled to close on 10/25 so 2 more weeks. And...
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    Accidentally added 5lbs of fertilizer to the pool

    Have you read through this article on Pool School? It can help differentiate between organic and inorganic stains and how to test/treat each one.
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    Refill the pool before closing?

    I'd leave it. We have a Gizmo that goes in the skimmer so I'm partial to that.
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    Algae prevention

    I assume this was our prior owner. She handed us a completely green swamp and acted like it was totally normal. And she even opened the pool early (mid-April) so we could see it before closing.
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    My pool guy is sassy!

    Eh, you'll be fine. I'm pretty sure this place has seen it all.
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    What to do after mouse?

    What everyone else said. I found a few mice over the summer. Just scoop them out continue about your day. Right now, I've got every critter under the sun. Every night, the giant spiders, crickets, lizards, caterpillars and worms are having a Dang party in there. Scoop them out and keep chlorine...
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    My pool guy is sassy!

    Trust me, if I can do it, anyone can. I never even wanted a pool, in fact that was a huge drawback of buying this house. But everything else about it checked all of our boxes. So here we are. But once you get the hang of it, it's easy. Well, easy with the help of this place!
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    First pool, closing on house in a month, what will I need to do immediately? (FL)

    You won't get any arguments here against that purchase. :) Also, if there's a pool maintenance company that's been stopping by 10 minutes a week to throw in some tabs in that floater for god knows how long, don't be surprised if your CYA is crazy high and you have to do a drain/refill or a...
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    First pool, closing on house in a month, what will I need to do immediately? (FL)

    Hello and welcome! Congrats on the new house You are already ahead of the game by being here and asking good questions. Ditto the others on a good test kit. Do that first. When you more details about the pool, fill out your signature so we know what you to work with - type and size of pool...
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    Where does all the water/snow go over the winter?

    Do you have any areas along your coping where the liner meets in that aren't quite secure or have gaps? I have these areas by my steps and if the water would get that high, it would start going in those holes and down behind the pool. Maybe a combination of something gaps, evaporation and run off?
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    Where to buy Chlorine now ?

    I think it will be a tough find this time of year without paying $6 a gallon. It's seasonal here so places have pulled it to make room for Christmas decorations. Have you tried Lowe's or Home depot? Where in the Lehigh Valley are you? There's an Ocean State Job Lot up in Wind Gap or one over in...
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    Algae blooming nearly weekly. I can’t afford the chlorine anymore

    If there's a new liner in the picture then maybe it's not worth the fight. Do they need to measure still or do they have all the measurements? I think the water has to be clear enough for them to get all sorts of measurements from inside the pool
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    Algae or pollen?

    Do you have any of it floating on top of the water or is it all on the bottom? The tree pollen I get here generally floats on the top and using a skimmer sock in the skimmer basket helps a ton.
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    Closing the pool late this year

    Your FC should be ok. Generally before you close the pool, you raise FC to SLAM levels. Depending what your CYA level is, that will determine your FC level. You may even have to send that SWG even lower. I don't think there's any harm in letting your pump run to skim the leaves and stuff but...
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    Algae blooming nearly weekly. I can’t afford the chlorine anymore

    What are your numbers? Are you still failing an OCLT? You can try adding some DE to your sand filter since sand filters are the slowest of any media to clear. I would strongly advise not to close with a cloudy pool, especially if the water is above 60* still. It won't get better over the winter...
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    October 2nd and North of the Mason Dixon Line-Anybody swimming this weekend?

    Yeah I don't get in the pool unless it's at least 80. He's convinced he can find a way power an electric heater from roof solar panels (not the black tube water heater - actual solar panels). I'd rather just have a hot tub 🤷‍♀️
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    October 2nd and North of the Mason Dixon Line-Anybody swimming this weekend?

    No pool heater but pool is also still "open". The hubs wants a pool heater but we don't have natural gas and it would be crazy expensive to run propane lines from the spot where we could put tanks. Electric is also too costly for my blood! So for now, the pool sits open and unused at a chilly...
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    Queasy first time pool owner (new house)

    Hi and welcome! Congrats on the new house and the new pool. My son is also 9 but not an avid swimmer! :cool: We're working on it though. I don't have anything super helpful to add, just saying hi. These folks will have you fixed up right as rain
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    911 pump down

    I assume FC is 0 so definitely get some moving in there. Assuming it's zero, try for 5 PPM each day. PoolMath can you tell how much that would be in the Effects of Adding section. If you have a robot, let that run around the pool too to help with circulation.
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    Green pool

    Hey there and welcome! First, if you have a green pool your chemistry cannot be great. Leslie's is wrong. As others have said, a green pool is a chemistry problem. Please read and follow all of links Maddie gave you and definitely get a good test kit. Yes, it's some money up front but compared...
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    Is chlorine or acid causing rust? Where should I keep my chemicals?

    The prior owners left a bucket of old tabs in the outbuilding. They were old enough that the plastic wrapper on the individual puck had started to disintegrate. When you opened that lid, the smell almost knocked you out. The spouse is convinced those open pucks caused some of his stuff to rust...