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  1. Hisbestcatch

    Can you solve the mystery!?

    Hi everyone! Hoping you can solve this powder mystery. Pool has been filled since 10/2020 and the past 2 months we’ve noticed this fine white powder accumulate around the steps/sun shelf and bottom. It comes out of the filter as well (cartridge filter) when we clean it. It feels very soft...
  2. Hisbestcatch

    Vitamin C worked - now what?

    Our pool was filled in October and water chemistry has been perfect and my husband is diligent about following TFP for chemistry! About a month after fill, we noticed a halo around a ‘larger’ pebble in our finish. Only 1 spot on vertical wall of sun shelf (CL industries pebble). It never got...
  3. Hisbestcatch

    What type of screen did you choose?!

    What type of screen did you go with for your pool cage? Is the 20/20 worth the additional cost and are you feeling a breeze come through? For those with 14/16 or 18/14, are you getting bugs? (We live in Central Florida) Thanks everyone!
  4. Hisbestcatch

    Glass tile drip stains

    It rained causing extra grout from the coping to drip down onto the glass tiles (and has baked in the Florida sun). Problem is, it appears to come off, then when it dries it re-appears ?. Any suggestions for removing it or do I just bring it to the tile guys attention?
  5. Hisbestcatch

    Which direction? Waterline Tile

    6x6 glass waterline tile. Would you turn each tile so the grooves go vertical and then horizontal or leave them all horizontal? Thanks guys!!
  6. Hisbestcatch

    6 x 6 glass waterline tile

    We are highly considering a 6x6 waterline glass tile for our pool (under construction now). I have searched and searched for the cons to doing this and can’t really find anything. The reason for me asking is, I find it hard to understand why there are only a few options for that size available...