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  1. Bozer4

    High CH

    Hello, please see numbers below. FC-7 CC-0 pH-7.3 TA-75 CYA-40 CH-700 Water temp. 84*F I'm thinking it may be time for a partial water replacement due to high CH levels. My fill water has a CH level of 90 and there is no rain in the forecast (Ca drought) anytime soon to do a natural water...
  2. Bozer4

    slightly green pool color

    Hello, I woke up this morning to a slightly green pool. We've had a solid 3 days of rain with very windy conditions. I had to drain my pool down a couple of inches three times to keep my water level where it needs to be. Here are my numbers. FC 4.8 CC .1~.2 pH 7.9 TA 70 CH 600 CYA 50 Temp 47*...
  3. Bozer4

    Water return leaking at bonding wire penetration

    Hello everyone, I have a small water leak in my return line where the bonding wire is penetrating the pvc return line (see pics below). Bonding wire is required per code but is there a better way to seal this penetration? It looks like installer drilled a hole and inserted wire with some pool...
  4. Bozer4

    calcium hardness

    Hello everyone, here are my numbers. CL 8 (maintained with liquid CL) CC 0 CYA 50 PH 7.6 TA 60 CH 600 Water Temp 68* My city fill water has a CH level of 90ppm so my levels are always rising, levels usually go up about 50 ppm per month in the summer due to fill water, not as much in the winter...
  5. Bozer4

    Lube O-Ring?

    Hello, is it recommended to lube the O-Ring on your pump lid or the big O-Ring on your filter housing after removing them for a cleaning? If so what type of lube or brand works best? Thanks, Brett
  6. Bozer4

    Should I add borates to my pool?

    FC-7.6 (10% liquid bleach) CC-0 CYA-50 TA-80 PH-7.6 CH-350 WATER TEMP-70* CSI: -0.10 Hello everyone, The PH on my pool typically rises from 7.6 to 8.0 over a period of 4 days, I think if I let it go it will rise over 8.0. I've been adding 31.45% muriatic acid every 4 days to keep my PH in...
  7. Bozer4

    water line rising due to rains

    Hello, The water level on my pool has been rising due to a series of wet storms in California (see attached pic). Right now water level is approaching the top of the pool tiles. Should I pump out a portion of water to get back to the middle of the tile where normal water level is? Water...
  8. Bozer4

    AquaLink Z4 controller display

    Hello, Has anyone else had any problems with their AquaLink Z4 display panel? Since weather has turned cooler (35*F at dawn) the display is hard to read in the morning. When weather warms up in the afternoon display looks normal again. See Pic below. Thanks, Brett
  9. Bozer4

    Is My TA a little low?

    Hi all, My TA is at 50ppm. Is that a little low? Water is crystal clear. FC-7 CC-0 PH-7.5 TA-50 CH-270 CYA-40 Water Temp.- 62 degrees Pool is 3 months old, I add 6oz. muriatic acid daily due to fresh plaster, this keeps my ph in the desired range. When I don't add acid ph slowly climbs to 8...
  10. Bozer4

    Bucket test for water loss

    Hello, I've been experiencing CH levels dropping (approx. 40 ppm over 4 weeks) and CYA levels dropping (approx. 10 ppm over 6 weeks). There hasn't been a significant amount of splash out or any heavy rains. I'm afraid I may have a water leak somewhere. I performed a bucket test yesterday (see...
  11. Bozer4

    cya level in pool dropping

    Hello, My CYA level in my pool dropped from 40ppm to 35ppm over a 3 week period, is this normal? It has been hot out here, averaging between 95 and 105 degrees for multiple weeks, so I'm sure there's a lot of evaporation. I'm using liquid instant conditioner by Natural Chemistry. It's been a...
  12. Bozer4

    Dirty and slightly discolored tiles at water line

    Looking for some advise on cleaning pool tiles at waterline. Pool is only 2 months old and I brush pool daily with a nylon pool brush but I think I need something a little more aggressive to keep the pool tiles clean. My water chemistry is good and there isn't any scaling on the tiles, they just...
  13. Bozer4

    crazing in new concrete pool

    Hello, we had a new concrete inground pool installed just 6 weeks ago and I noticed what I guess is called crazing on the shelf of the pool. I can't feel the crazing with my finger nails but does this have potential to become a bigger problem down the road? I haven't contacted builder yet, I...
  14. Bozer4

    cyanuric acid correction to total alkalinity

    I have a Taylor K2006 test kit and their test and treatment guide has a Table N for cyanuric acid correction to total alkalinity. See water test below. FC 6.4 PH 7.6 TA 80 CH 260 CYA 40 I am in the lower acceptable range for TA at 80 ppm, however if I use their formula I am lower than the...
  15. Bozer4

    Water test

    When you take a water sample from pool for testing is it best to have the pump running or off? Or maybe it doesn't matter? I take my sample away from the returns but sometimes pump is running and water is circulating. Thanks
  16. Bozer4

    balancing water in new pool

    Hello all, please see pool test results below: free available chlorine-4 ppm combined chlorine- .2 ppm calcium hardness- 200 ppm cyanuric acid- 30 ppm total alkalinity- 80 ppm ph- 7.6 According to chlorine/CYA chart I'm at the bottom of the recommended range for FC, recommended FC range is...
  17. Bozer4

    new to the group

    I'm doing a chemical startup on our new inground plaster pool. Looks like the first thing I need to do is purchase a test kit like the Taylor k2006c that I can perform FAS-DPD chlorine tests. I have the TA, pH, and CH levels where I want them but my test kit that came with my pool doesn't check...