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  1. el duderino

    Glass Tile

    I have a glass tile "negative edge" spa and lost a lot of tiles during the unprecedented freeze we had this winter. I'm looking for some advice on a good adhesive so that I can reattach them and then also some guidance on the best grout (black) to use for glass tile. I know there have been...
  2. el duderino

    Smart Home enabled pool cleaner?

    I understand that some of the newer Maytronic/Dolphins have a feature that allows the cleaner to start once it receives power, allowing you to use a smart plug and control the schedule via home automation. What is this feature called, and which cleaners have it? Also, anyone have any success...
  3. el duderino

    T40 Autofill plumbing

    The PVC plumbing to the inlet of my auto fill came unglued after 10+ years of service. Obviously it is a very tight area to access, so I was wondering if using a flexible PVC repair coupling would be appropriate. I realize they are not intended for constant pressure, so my question is what is...
  4. el duderino


    Many here may be familiar with the amazing project of @tagyoureit for controlling the Pentair Intelli-line of products. It takes the rs485 serial information and allows it to be digested in various ways. Not being very technical, I've struggled a bit with it on my Intelliflo, so I was hoping...
  5. el duderino

    Pentair Intelliflo Serial Connection Nut

    Random question, I know, but I was hoping someone might know the size of the plastic retaining nut for the rs485 connection on the VSF pump. Mine or missing/gone/broken/lost (?) and I would like to firm up the connector. TY!
  6. el duderino

    Pentair Prowler 920 Issues

    Hi All, I own the Pentair Prowler 920 (= Dolphin Active 20 = Dolphin S200 = Dolphin Cayman = Dolphin Nautilus (2017 and Later) = Dolphin Proteus DX3 = Doheny's Saturn, etc). It's been a champ for several years, but now having issues. When it turns on, the blue light on the cleaner flashes 5...
  7. el duderino

    2 Speed Pump control on DIY System

    I am currently in the process of planning out a DIY controller to replace my current Hayward ProLogic. The PL-8 has been reliable, but the wireless controller battery is dead (meaning I have to replace the entire unit at ~$400) and the system has some limitations that require work-arounds that...
  8. el duderino

    Replumbing question

    I have had a lot of issues priming my single speed 1.5hp Pentair Whisperflo pump over the years and have had the inlets and outlets replumbed several times. The last plumber hard plumbed the pipes not leaving much (any) room to splice in again that I can see. I'm considering putting a union...
  9. el duderino

    Stenner Pump Chlorine DIY Question

    I just finished wiring up my Stenner pump. Like most guys, I read the directions after I mounted the pump to my brick wall. I mounted the pump for convenience, and it turns out it is slightly below the top of the tank (which most likely won't be filled). With the back flow preventer in the...
  10. el duderino


    Does anyone have a solar-breeze, robotic skimmer? The website seems pretty impressive, but without any real world reviews, it's hard to know what to really think. I've posted before about my "giant skimmer" (i.e. basin) problems, and a solution like this is becoming more appealing. However...
  11. el duderino

    Dragonfly alternative?

    I have a fairly unique situation, in that I need a suction side skimming device for my basin (oversized...see my pool build for pics). The poolskim seems like a good affordable option, but return side. I have no returns in my basin, as the negative edge wall...
  12. el duderino

    Constant PH drift

    My relatively new salt/gunite pool is experiencing MAJOR ph drift. I am putting in 2-4 cups of MA per day. I believe the major contributor is the massive amounts of aeration the pool gets from the 4 skuppers on the raised beam wall and the 26' negative edge. My analysis (per Leslie's which...
  13. el duderino

    Polaris 280 won't clean shallow end

    In our 38x15 pool, the Polaris has a hard time getting out of the deep end (6.5ft) and cleaning the shallow end. I've lowered the pressure on the tail to see if that would give more torque. It has enough rpm's so that isn't the issue. Should I adjust the thruster so that it goes in a straight...
  14. el duderino

    Pentair/Letro Legend Platinum vs. Polaris 280

    Title says it all....which one and why? As I understand it, they are fairly similar. I've had a 280 in the past and would be most interested in performance (obviously) as well as wear, replacement parts cost, etc. Thanks!
  15. el duderino

    Hayward Goldline vs Pentair Intellitouch - Automation

    My pool builder is letting me decide between the Haywared (Goldline) PS8 and the minimum intellitouch i7 controls. The former (Hayward) is more or less all the bells and whistles (wireless, aquapod remote) and the Pentair is bare bones (1 wired controller and 1 wired spa side). This option...
  16. el duderino

    Concrete Decking Issue!!

    So, our pool was shotcreted on Tuesday and they poured one of the decks that is going to be stone. All along, the rebar for the deck was on the ground, not blocked up, due to all the traffic in the area. My pool builder assured me that they would block it up prior to pouring it. I was there...
  17. el duderino

    El Duderino's Austin Pool Build - FINISHED with PICS

    We just begun our dig last week, on October 7th. I am unable to post Flikr or photobucket photos due to firewall issues, so until I can figure out a workaround, here is my personal build diary. Thanks
  18. el duderino


    Any experience with this plaster product? It seems to be a good option, but there is very little info out there on it. Can anyone comment on the longevity and price? I would also love to see some pictures of some pools finished with the beadcrete. thanks
  19. el duderino

    Austin Pool Builder Suggestions?

    We are looking to add an inground gunite to our existing house. We live in NW Austin in the hills and are looking for a few reputable builders to contact. Thus far, my experience has been pretty negative, and I'm only in the pre-sales stage. We've contacted several companies. Most...yes...