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    TA/Ph question

    My TA is 50 and my Ph is 8. Obviously lowering my Ph will also lower my TA further which I don’t believe I want to do. At one point I though I read a chart or article on here that showed how much baking soda: dry acid to use to counteract the drop in TA cause by the dry acid??
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    Borates Question. Please Help!!

    So I’ve read about adding borates to spa water as an additional buffer to help stabilize TA and Ph as well as make the water feel softer. So my plan is to add 50ppm using the pool math app. My spa is a 375 gal Caldera that I sanitize using the 3 step bromine system. I wanted to use Boric Acid...
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    Salt water chlorine generator for spas? Experiences?

    Hi, We’ve owned our spa for about 4 years now. With the exception of the free spa frog kit that came with the spa when we bought it, I’ve always used the 3 step bromine method to sanitize and for the most part have had very little issues. I’ve recently seen the salt water chlorine generators for...
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    Spa Depot Oxy-Spa mps

    Does any one have any experience with this particular brand of MPS? It's selling on eBay for about $35/6 lbs. This is a WAY better price the the local pool store has on the spa guard brand and this one is stronger than theirs as well. Roughly 32% from the pool store vs 43% from eBay. Any input...
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    Bleach vs MPS

    Is one better than the other to use as and oxidizer after soaks and for weekly shocking? Bleach is definatley cheaper but my spa manual says in big bold letters not to use it, but I see tons of people on here do. Other than the fact that the chemical and spa companies loose out when you use...
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    Total alkalinity question

    Is there any reason I need to keep my total all between 125-150? This is higher than what my caldera manual tells me it needs to be. Caldera says keep it at a minimum of 40. The people at ye olde spa store keep telling me 125-150. I am constantly having to add dry acid to keep my ph down when...
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    Total Dissolved Solids question

    I have a question pertaining to total dissolved solids(TDS). The chemical companies literature says once it's >1500 it's time for a water change and the spa mfg and spa shop say when it's >2500 it's time for a change. I've spent hours upon hours reading this forum and see very little mentioned...
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    New tub owner questions

    Hey everyone, As my name implies I am a noob with a new tub. The wife and I recently purchased our first tub and it will be getting delivered and set up in the next few weeks. It's a Caldera Vanto and is 375gal. I've been doing a TON of research on sanitizer systems and feel like I've gotten a...