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    My deck color makes me want to cry

    Thank you for your suggestion and support. I appreciate it! I am looking into those diy paints. Also trying to decide if it will bother me less when the patio furniture is on the deck (but honestly think it will bother me no matter what).
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    My deck color makes me want to cry

    Might be a bit dramatic but I really do not like my brand new pool deck color. Every time I look at it I want to cry! Help! We were finally able to pour our deck - salted concrete with color. It is "platinum grey" which is a lighter grey. I thought it would be a great color but as soon as I...
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    water line tile design help

    Has anyone used a tile that looks like this? Have any advice or pictures? It is called 1268 Lake Whillans by Noble Tile. It is much prettier and softer looking in person. I really like it but I cant find any pictures of pools with it online or even something close. Was thinking about using...
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    Pool depth advice

    We are set to dig next week - woohoo! We had agreed on depths 3.5 (entry) , 5 (middle), 3.5 (far end). Someone had suggested doing 3.5, 5, 4 as it would be more comfortable for adults in 4ft of water. We have younger kids (but I know they won't be little forever) and we would like this to be...
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    Need advice! Under contract in NTX.

    Thank you so much for the suggestions! I will look into all of that : )
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    Need advice! Under contract in NTX.

    New to TFP and looking for advice on my new pool build in North Texas. Loving TFP and all the great things I have learned so I want to send out a huge thank you ahead of time for any and all suggestions! I put *** next to my main concerns. We looked at tons of companies and made it all the way...
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