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  1. hwy17

    Pool liner shortage -- what does the future hold?

    So I double checked the original source of my belief there, Dan Dougher the AGP god. Correction, he actually cautiously describes that you can comfortably expect a 10" dish bottom out of a standard liner. The reason for that comes...
  2. hwy17

    Water Lowered for Winter but Still at Return line Height

    We get nights down to the 20's here so like you describe there is freezing but not to the point that the top of the water would even crust. I don't close at all but the thing is most of my plumbing is above ground flexible hose so I don't know if that expansion ability is what saves it all...
  3. hwy17

    Pool liner shortage -- what does the future hold?

    Are you sure you need an expandable? A standard will accommodate a 1-2ft dish bottom.
  4. hwy17

    Opinions on this Doheny's filter setup

    Call to see if they sell the base plate separate, they have old fashioned real in house phone support. Pentair and Hayward sell their base plates separate they can just be tricky to find. Buying two pumps seems silly.
  5. hwy17

    High? Head Pump

    Nice. I won't be doing anything but it's my first winter with them. I have a VRV on them so they always drain when the pump's off. One thing I missed in my installation was to slant the array just slightly towards the inlet for better drainage, since I didn't do that there will be a small...
  6. hwy17

    High? Head Pump

    I use a 3/4hp regular above ground low/no head pump for a 15ft lift no problem so I think that extremepower looks like it would probably do it. Not sure about the Intex. Are you using panels though or a DIY long tube setup? The long tube adds a ton of head.
  7. hwy17

    Water Lowered for Winter but Still at Return line Height

    Either or. I like the rain gutter idea if you're going to be dealing with more precipitation for a while before freezing. Draining every time it rains gets old.
  8. hwy17

    AGP Install question

    Not all manufacturers specify pavers in their manual, my Cornelius didn't. It's fine, if you've seen one of his pools and the walls are level, bottom is smooth, and liner is wrinkle free then he knows what he's doing.
  9. hwy17

    AGP Install question

    Not sure about the liner rubbing, I doubt that, but no pavers is a perfectly valid installation method. Pavers don't serve any structural purpose they're more just a tool for leveling. If the water line is level in the end then no pavers is as good or better than with pavers.
  10. hwy17

    Oldie but goodie, Hayward Perflex DE filter spews dirty water on startup...

    Mine came dangling on the plug that comes in the pressure valve port, not installed in it. I didn't know what it was at the time. I now use a 3/4hp pump with no restrictor.
  11. hwy17

    Oldie but goodie, Hayward Perflex DE filter spews dirty water on startup...

    Too much flow will cause DE etc. to blow through the filter grid. 1HP is overpowered for an EC40 and you are supposed to use a restrictor plate.
  12. hwy17

    AGP Pool Base Prep & Foam Base Questions

    I did top only
  13. hwy17

    Hayward Perflex (EC40) small amount of DE in pool

    Nice. I'm pretty sure my diaphragm is good. Reducing flow solved it for me this year, mostly, there's still a very tiny bit but barely noticeable whereas before I was having to vacuum it up every week.
  14. hwy17

    Intex Solar Heater question

    I agree with your assesment, the dome heaters are basically just a prebuilt DIY. I don't think they would do much more than the Intex rubber mat heaters- I have used one of those and it is psychologically reassuring to have at least *something* being done to add heat, but they don't do a lot.
  15. hwy17

    What do you use to bond your pool pump?

    Similar to what you have, likely exactly the same: The other way, goes in the skimmer: The connection near the power switch is the pump chassis...
  16. hwy17

    Intex Solar Heater question

    There is no point mounting a solar panel directly on the side of the pool facing the sun, since that wall is already acting as a "solar panel" itself. So this is only worth it if the panel will be far enough away that it and the pool wall are both in direct sunlight. Since a round frame will...
  17. hwy17

    What's the thinnest xps foam used in a agp?

    People get the idea that the pressures exerted by an AGP are insane because the total weight is insane but it's spread out, imagine the pressure at the bottom of a 4ft high stack of full soda cans that's roughly equivelant. Interesting example of that fact in reality.
  18. hwy17

    Upgrade Intex filtration System

    I mean I don't think it's actually likely to blow out there. It's only under like 1psi. But still a good lesson to learn. Both of those bend fittings are DWV. Look for Schedule 40 on all fittings when buying.
  19. hwy17

    Above Ground Pool Bonding

    The warranty on the skimmer? It's like a $40 part.
  20. hwy17

    Good pumps/filters (that are in stock / not ridiculously price-gouged)?

    Yes that one does but then you're back into the Intex style system in which case I'd go with the cheap one I linked for now until the sand filters come back down to MSRP. For such a small pool those cheap cartridge filters that everybody hates on large pools might actually be perfectly adequate...
  21. hwy17

    Good pumps/filters (that are in stock / not ridiculously price-gouged)?

    That looks good, still massively oversized but at 1/3hp about as small as you can get from a full size pool filter system. It doesn't have a pump filter basket which is odd. Not necessarily a problem depending on whether you expect leaves or objects to go down the suction line. Depends on what...
  22. hwy17

    Sand Pump Pressure Gauge

    I got one of these "Measureman" gauges (the back mount one) and have only had it for 4 months so can't actually review it's longevity, but I did leave it out on an unwinterized pump in the same overnight freezing conditions that blew the Hayward gauge and it's going strong. Probably anything...
  23. hwy17

    Good pumps/filters (that are in stock / not ridiculously price-gouged)? It's not great, at all, but for affordably filtering 700 gals it should be perfectly adequate, as long as the water chemistry is good. It will choke if you try to make it deal with algae.
  24. hwy17

    Solar heater settings please help!

    I don't know how big your solar system is but are you expecting much over 80 this early in the season? I'm not far from you and mine's in the high 70's these days, might've touched 80 today, and am pretty happy with that compared to no solar. It's my first year with it and I have about 50% of my...
  25. hwy17

    Hayward DE W3EC65A any users?

    I have the ec40 and think I am happy with it. The main chronic problem I've had has been a small amount of DE blowing through the filter but I realized I was pushing more than the rated 40gpm through it. I've reduced the flow this year and will see whether that resolves it. If you're going to...
  26. hwy17

    Can return cause pressure to rise by 5psi?

    The standard eyeball on the Hayward skimmer and return kits is 3/4" that might be what you have, here's the larger 1" you can swap in.
  27. hwy17

    pump is rusty and making a grinding noise--pool company's fault?

    I think that's past the statute of limitations... not a legal one, but a general common sense one. Trying to pursue that now isn't going to leave anyone happy.
  28. hwy17

    Bonding Resin Pool

    Bonding the ground around the pool provides stray voltage protection so that if someone's leaning over the side of the pool and putting their hand in the water there cannot be a difference in potential between the ground under their feet and the water, because the two are already connected. So...
  29. hwy17

    Installing Solar Diverter Valve

    You can definitely get simpler than the best practice. Mine is just an H with a two way valve in the bypass, the horizontal line. I rely on the built in check valve in my filter to prevent back flow. The main problem with your plan there is unfiltered water to the panels. That is not advisable...
  30. hwy17

    Installing Solar Diverter Valve

    Do you have an existing solar system or is this all from scratch? Florida Solar Design Group standard makes sense to me. Some use dual two way isolator valves but I agree with their logic that it's not necessary. You can use a 3-way with a hole drilled in it, a 3-way and not completely close...