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    use Intex SWG with a different pump?

    We are upgrading our pump for our Intex pool and I'm curious if I can still continue to use the Intex SWG and disconnect the Intex pump to use a bigger pump. Has anyone done this with success?
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    Upgrading our Intex 12x24 Ultra pump, filter, heater

    We are entering our third season with our Intex Ultra 12x24x52 8400 gal saltwater pool. This summer we plan to add a deck, upgrade the pump/filter, and hopefully add a heater. We already added the Hayward through wall skimmer and upgraded the piping to 1.5" last season. We are in coastal...
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    Hurricane Sally and our swamp--suggestions for winter? Please HELP!

    We live in coastal AL and were hammered by Sally. Not only did our pool become completely FULL of leaves, branches, and an enormous amount of debris, but we also lost power so there was no way to filter (which wouldn't have worked anyway since there was too much debris). We now have a horrible...
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    install filter timer on Intex?

    We have the Intex Ultra 12x24 with SWG and a sand filter. Right now in coastal AL we need to run the filter 24/7. The problem with this pool is that the timer kicks on the SWG and filter together and runs them for a set time. And then it turns both of them off. I want the filter to continue to...
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    Algae help

    We are in our second season as aboveground pool owners (Intex Ultra 12x24 SWG). Last year we have beautiful crystal clear water until the end of the season, when we got algae and never could get it back, even following the SLAM instructions here. We ended closing it early. This year we opened it...
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    Warm climate winterizing Intex Ultra Frame

    We set up an Intex 12x24 Ultra Frame saltwater pool this summer in coastal Alabama. We'll be closing the pool soon. My in-laws drain their Intex pool down to just a couple of feet and leave it like that all winter, and then in the spring it is disgusting and they get in and scrub and clean it...
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    weird blue floaties

    We have been having great luck with our Intex 12x24 Saltwater pool this summer in coastal Alabama. As new pool owners, and new to the south, it's been surprisingly easy to keep the pool water crystal clear. I check the chlorine and pH daily, but the other day it was suddenly at almost zero. So I...
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    Retaining wall ideas

    We hired someone to level the spot for our Intex 12x24 today. We made an 18x30 flat spot. It was a lot more sloped than it looked, so we have about 2 feet at the back end. We'll need to build a retaining wall and then transition to just a border when it gets to the level/flat front side. Looking...
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    Which pavers?

    Headed to Home Depot or Lowe's to buy pavers today for my 12x24 Intex. I keep seeing posts about getting 4" pavers because the 2" ones can break. I am looking online and don't see 12x12x4 pavers anywhere, just 12x12x2. Can someone please post a link to the correct type of pavers?
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    Intex 12x24 install questions

    I've been reading the posts and have a few questions. For a smooth bottom, do you use EITHER sand or foam boards/Gorilla pad? Or both? If both, sand first, compacted, with foam boards on top? Is it ok to skip the sand and just do foam? Also, I hate the way it looks with the ugly tarp sticking...
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    New to warm weather and pools!

    Hi, all. Just moved to coastal Alabama from a lifetime in cold winter climates (mostly Montana). It's May 2 and we are already melting. I just bought an Intex 12x24 rectangular pool with SWG. I am not ready to commit to an expensive pool yet so this is our starter pool. Looking forward to the...