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  1. Mexicomike

    Robot cleaner gets stuck on main drain

    I tried out a Pentair Warrior and it got stuck. I was able to return it to Marina. I heard that there is not much difference between the Maytronics models except the plastic body. In spending days reading reviews on Amazon, it seems that every cleaner gets stuck. I bought a device which covers...
  2. Mexicomike

    Marina Pools treated me well

    While searching for a new robot, saw a post here recommending Marina Pools in CO. They took the time to recommend a cleaner for me. Alas, it was defective and they took it back and refunded my money immediately. They didn't have the model I decided on but they were just as nice. Home - Marina...
  3. Mexicomike

    Polaris 380 need dedicated intake and return lines?

    I have a Polaris 380 with dedicated line connection in pool installed. Having unrelated plumbing problems and pool guy said I need to run a dedicated line for the Polaris to get water and not be 'T''d off the main plubming. I don't see anything about this anywhere. Is he right? Thanks.
  4. Mexicomike

    Staining from minerals in Himalayan or Dead Sea salts?

    This appears to be a great, informative forum with knowledgeable people, so thanks for having it. I am a fan of both Himalayan and Dead Sea salts. I've used both in my hot tub for a year and believe they feel better than regular pool salt. Both help my psoriasis and my wife's osteoarthritis...