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    Redo Plumbing and SWCG Install - layout recommendations?

    Pool: 10k gal Inground PebbleTec PUMP: Hayward SP3400VSP FILTER: Hayward C3030 CF Single waterfall water feature, Hayward Navigator. Purchased a CircuPool RJ30, need to install that, and wanting to replumb the above ground plumbing. The visible PVC loop bottom right in photo is where the...
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    Newbie - Assistance with balancing levels

    9k gal IG Pebble, trichlor tabs Lots of calcium deposits around pool lip, now I see why. Last month had pool cover installed, has greatly increased temp and decreased evaporation. :) I just received the TF100 and this was my first test. Looking at my values, I would think I need to get the...
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    New to pool ownership and care; just getting started

    mknauss, I took apart the filter, it is a cartridge filter. Cleaned out the unit/filters and now at 14psi! Thank you!
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    New to pool ownership and care; just getting started

    Hello Everyone! :D I just found this wonderful resource a few days ago and have been reading like crazy. My wife and I purchased our first house with a pool and I have never had to care for one before... so I am prepared for a steep learning curve. I had hired a pool guy to care for the pool...
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