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    One piece Ceramic shell

    I’m thinking of re doing my pool. One place uses an all in one shell made from carbon fibre and ceramic apparently. This is then craned in to place. I wondered if anybody had any experience Of these? Here they go under the brand of “Compass pools”
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    Swcg before heater

    I know best practice is after the heater but How bad is this in practice if your pump is always set to run when the swcg is running plus a bit of pump overrun when the swcg turns off. I had seen somewhere in here I think that the after heater is based on puck feeders that are acidic and so bad...
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    What pump

    Looking at getting a new low power 0.5hp ish pump. What’s the thinking on Certikin ones that have the outlet off centre? HGS range I think - a nearly new one has come up for sale and considering it. Clearly a pain to need to re do the plumbing- why don’t they make all pumps with the same...
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    Pump leak

    I have a leak from my pump. Sad face. What do I do - turn off the valves for the skimmer and sump and set the multiport on the filter to closed. Then drain the two drain valves on the pump. Slacken the metal band and extract the motor but Do I need to undo the plumbing otherwise? it’s wet on...
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    Slide vs ball

    What’s the pros/cons of these for plumbing in a heater bypass and swcg bypass when it is removed? And for check valves sprung or flapper?
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    Coping reattachment

    Some of my coping seems to have detached from the wall. Not exactly sure what’s going on but can see that has definitely happened. To fix it though I will need take more liner out to access the problem area. Any tips on how best to do this?
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    Leaking pump

    I was back washing the filter today and noticed That there seemed to be water coming out of the pump somewhere. I think it was the pump anyway. Back recirculating and all seems fine. i had lifted the hose of the Barracuda out of the pool but not either end so May have introduced a little air...
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    Diy heater automation

    I’m planning to do a DIY automation with my heater using a Shelly 1 and InkbirdSmart temperature prone. if I disconnect the fireman’s switch on my mastertemp then I understand the heater will power down. But what happens when I reconnect it. Does it turn on in the mode it was last in or...
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    Indirect pool heater

    anybody using a domestic boiler and separate heat exchanger? I can see there being inefficiency arguments but I think the indirect principle is the same as in the certikin genie. But on the plus side there is a significant premium for engineers to service pool boilers and the warranty on...
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    Minor heat exchanger leak

    Can they be repaired with leak sealer or is it toast. Just wait until gets bad and then replace the boiler.
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    I’ve just seen a thread about bonding. My pool is old- I’ve no idea if it has bonding. electric circuit is protected by rcbo what should I do?
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    Plumbing a swcg

    my current heater return to the pool looks like this. so should I remove the pipe at the shut off valve for the return to the pool and similarly at the the heater and then get a couple of 90 degrees elbows and plumb parallel to the heater (left to right on diagram). Do I need to get the screw...
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    Swcg test

    I think the answer to this is no! But is there anyway to test a swcg for signs of life without it being plumbed in? Or failing that perhaps signs it definitely doesn’t work. the previous owners cut out the cell and left it. It’s very scaled up as I don’t think they had good control of the...
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    Website help- Australians and Americans

    And anyone else who uses a salt chlorine generator. As I’m based in the U.K., Google does it’s clever thing and only shows me U.K. websites but swcg, aside from the small i aren’t sold in the U.K. So can you tell me where you’d go to get a mail order swcg - I can then ask them if they’ll...
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    I’ve a couple of rough spots a mm or so wide and a few mm long on my liner at the bottom of the deep end. It looks a bit like a deposit or a scratch that has roughed up the liner but I’m not sure. what’s the best method for getting food dye there to see if they are damage to the liner. I don’t...
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    Target FC

    Just wondering, how do you know whether to target the “mustard fc level” or normal fc level? normal use not slam.
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    La Motte

    Has anyone tried the FASDPD test kit by these guys and know if it is any good?
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    Heater insulation life

    How long should heater insulation last? had my mastertemp 125 heater “serviced” today now it won’t work at all as the apparently the insulation has disintegrated. Clearly I’m a bit peeved with the engineer as it worked before but I wondered how long I should expect the insulation to last and...
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    Diagnosing heater problems

    So turned on my master temp125 today and it no heating :( it’s definitely got power as can hear the fan cracking up. It’s got gas too as I could smell it after a while. The problem I’m guessing therefore is no spark. Does the heater do any fault codes or similar?
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    Disappearing CYA

    When I opened my pool this year I noticed my CYA had dived from about 60 to negligible. I didn’t check the cYA immediately before close so could have happened before but I’ve been diligent at keeping my FCl up above 7.5pct of CYA. I never really closed the pool as no freezing to worry about...
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    Injecting chlorine via diverter valve pressure gauge port

    I’ve been thinking about a stenna pump method for adding chlorine. I have a cheap eBay peristaltic pump and wondered if I could use the npt thread on the 5 way diverter valve that has the pressure gauge screwed into it as a means of testing the concept before changing any plumbing.. crazy?
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    What bits do I need for a jandy aqua pure

    Sorry for the noddy question. I’m struggling a bit in working out how to compare the cost of swcgs. I found this one that looks good value. Is this everything I will need...
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    Gas heater service

    Does anybody with a small pool have a mastertemp125 (or perhaps 400) do you need to have the heater serviced or just run it till something breaks?
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    Sizing a swcg

    Is there a way to calculate the optimum size for a swcg? Or at least understand pump run time given size. The ic15 for example how long would I need to run to give 1ppm fc increase in a 10000 litre pool
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    I guess not a problem Many have, if just using the pool in the summer but if you’re having to artificially heat a pool, is there much in the way of retro fit insulation for a vinyl pool? or perhaps liner with integrated insulation
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    Small VS pump

    I have a small in ground pool. I think around 10k gallons. Nothing fancy just a sand filter, single return, skimmer and sump. My pump is a single speed 0.75hp one. Is there such a thing as a variable speed low power pump or would I have to get a larger one and only ever run if at a reduced rate...
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    WiFi master temp 125

    Is it possible to make the master temp 125 controlled by WiFi so I can see temp and adjust via an ‘app’
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    Evaporation or leak

    Given COVID am running the pool later and maybe over winter. Bit worried my pool has developed a leak. I now seem to need to top it up more frequently than I did in the summer. If ambient air temperature is lower should I be getting less evaporation not more or is it the other way around?! I...
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    Journey to Paradise

    I thought I’d share some thoughts on pool ownership from a newbie. It’s a year ago that I came into pool ownership. At the time I inherited the previous owners test kit which was a two chamber device to try and decipher what colour the dpd tablet went as well as their ‘advice’ on care. they...
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    No chlorine pool but need to add chlorine Made me chuckle!