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    Moved from here. The Canadian company now has its own bilingual website : Crystalplus System - Products for pool and spa maintenance Lots of reviews and a FAQ, and 90+ reviews on Not sure it is available outside Canada, as there is only a Health Canada registration number on the packaging.
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    Where to buy a Taylor 5/6 way test kit in canada?

    So, are there any Canadian retailers in Quebec, that resell the Taylor kits from Lowry et al?
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    Hayward Superpump ceramic seal replacement frequency

    As a preventative measure, should the ceramic seal on the Superpump I be replaced at certain intervals? Other than noisy operation, as mentioned in the owners manual, are there any other useful criteria to determine replacement? If it fails, are there obvious leaks under the pump?
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    Liquid chlorine vs 70% cal-hypo granules: cost comparisons Quebec/Canada

    Calculations with 'end of season best prices' are as follows: Cal-hypo (70%) granules are 55$ for 18 kg or 3$/kg. Correcting for 70% (100/70 x 3$/ kg) = 4.36$/kg. Liquid chlorine bleach is 5.99$ for a 5 L jug at 10.8%, which works out to (108/1000 x 5 = 0.540 kg/6$) =11$/kg. So, since liquid...