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    I need help please!!

    Hi everyone! I need help. I had a new liner put in my 18' x 37' inground pool (19,000 gallons) along with new equipment. Needless to say, this was a nightmare yesterday. It has been very hard for me to find someone reliable lately. After equipment was installed, they gave me no guidance as to...
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    Liner, Filter, Pump, SWG, Pool Light Estimate

    Hi everyone....I wanted to post this estimate to see if it was a decent deal, or if there are things I need to change/ask for. Also, if the equipment listed is okay. I asked for: 1. New vinyl liner replacement 2. New filter 3. SWG 4. Pool Light Replacement I appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
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    HELP needed in closing Cabana for the winter

    Hi everyone.... So I am about to finish construction on our outdoor Cabana. With the summer season end on the horizon in Northeast PA, I have to start thinking about how I can close it up and protect everything inside. HELP/IDEAS/ADVICE would be appreciated! My initial thought was to somehow...
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    Outdoor Pavilion Build

    Hi everyone! I'm in the process of building an outdoor Pavilion with a Bar underneath. The pavilion will measure 22' x 14' probably 10' high and the bar will be a basic 14' L-Shaped bar. I'll tell you what....It has been a heck of a rollercoaster ride the last 2 years that this has been in the...
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    Test Results

    Hi everyone....any suggestions/advice for my current test results? Thanks! TF-100 test kit 18,000 gallon vinyl pool Free chlorine - 2.5 Combined chloramines - 0.5 Total chlorine - 3 Calcium hardness - 175 Total alkalinity - 130 Cya - 30 PH - 7.85
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    Help with balancing

    Free chlorine - 5 Combined chloramines - 0 Total chlorine - 5 Calcium hardness - 100 Total alkalinity - 60 Cya - 20 PH - 6.8 I tried plugging everything into pool math app but not sure where to start
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    Show Off Your Cabana/Pool House/Outdoor Tiki Bar

    Hi everyone! I am trying to get ideas on a Cabana/Outdoor Bar to build. I have a general idea, but would love to see pictures of what you all have, so that I can get a better picture of details I could give to the person constructing this. Any tips and/or advice would be great too! Thanks a...
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    Water Test Results

    Hi are my latest test results. I have a 19,000 to 20,000 gallon Grecian (just moved in) my clarity is good. What do I Neff to have done? PH - 7.5 FC - 0.3 TA - 61 Total Chlorine - 2.4 CH - 118 CYA - 150 These are pool store test results. I just got my tf100 test kit so I'll...
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    Broken Pool Pump.....

    .....or so I think. I have a Century ST1102 with Hayward Super Pump and after opening my pool this past weekend, the noise coming from it is obnoxiously loud! I have to turn it off right now until I get the new pump motor in. What do I need to do to save my pool until I get this within the...
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    New To This

    Hi everyone.....sorry for the newbie post, but we just purchased a house with a pool recently so this is a new ballgame for me. I would love a rundown of the steps I need to take when opening my pool this summer. The weather in NE Penn. has been crazy....90 one day, 65 the next. Hoping to get...
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    Outdoor Area HELP Please

    Hi everyone! I'm a newbie here and really appreciate all of the insight you all have on this forum....such a great resource!! We just purchased a house at the end of last summer so this will be our first full summer with the outdoor area. My question to all of you is can I...