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    Help me build a friend’s pool

    Hey guys! Can you all help me build a 15x28 vinyl pool on a budget. I didn’t ask the budget cause I didn’t feel I should. I have her a lot of the typical things I did: 2 inch skimmed and drain lines all schedule 40. 1.5 inch return lines with schedule 40. All independent runs. All...
  2. J


    I am at 250 right now. Ideal is 350. I’m plaster with liquid chlorine right now but salt in summer. It says 19 lbs to get it up 100. Is that right? Seems like a lot! Can someone check my math. 20k gallons. Should I even bother bringing it up to ideal. I know in bottom range of...
  3. J

    Ph accuracy with low water temp

    Hey all. I know I have asked this before but. When I open my water will be mid to high 30’s maybe low 40’s. I know to test my cya I have to do a warm bath to get the pool water temp up to about 70. But ph. It’s not accurate with low water temp. Should I be testing that at 70 degrees also? I...
  4. J

    Walt Disney Classics

    A lot of you that know me here know my family’s love for Disney. There used to be a collection called the Walt Disney classics collection. A work of love for 20 years thst Walt always wanted to see happen but unfortunately didn’t happen. Without getting into the details it was a very limited...
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    Exposed top steps over night

    I have to drain down tomorrow to have my builder close me on Wednesday. Night temps suppose to be 42. I can leave the top steps exposed overnight right? I know u don’t want water to freeze on plaster cause it will mark it bit it’s not going to be freezing temps. Maybe some frost. I should be...
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    Winter ic40

    Guys quick question cause I forgot. My water is hovering around 60-59. Goes up in day down at night. I have the cell set to 10 percent so I got the blinking lights. That is low output mode correct? But shouldn’t the cell Darn off if water hits 59? Could I damage the cell keeping it on now of...
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    Closing questions

    Guys I forgot again for closing do I add my bluetec and kemtek (poly) before I lower water? Maldonado kemtek bottle says 8 oz per 10 grand so I would need 16 oz cause I’m 20 grand. Bottle is 32 oz. should I just use full bottle or follow label? I forgot what most do. I have been using the...
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    CH question

    TA 70 CH 300 Salt3400 Temp79 Cya 60 Ph 7.7 to 8.0 csi -.24 to .05 I put the range cause it climbs in 48 hrs. I haven’t touched my CH cause it keeps my csi in check. If bring my CH up to 350 then I’m even more on the positive side when my ph is 7.7 to the 8.0 rise. is that ok? Any advice?
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    Furniture covers

    Does anyone know of covers for patio furniture that will not thin out and rip due to the sun. I don’t care if it fades but the ones we buy from plow and hearth last 2 seasons and then if u sneeze they rip. The ones under cover and champs. But the ones out in the sun just stink. I’m using thier...
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    New egg questions. Total noob!

    Hey guys. I finally have my egg coming Saturday. I got all kinds of questions. 1. I know for first 5-6 hrs keep it below 500 degrees to break it in. 2. So I figured try ribs. Somewhat cheap and somewhat straight forward I’m thinking. 3. So I load up my egg with charcoal. I have those...
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    New project. . . simple outdoor media screen

    ok this isn't for me but for a very very good friend of mine. as a lot of you all know i live to fish! my buddy has a spot with a new camper on a local river which is knows to be one of the best small mouth bass fishing waters here in pa. the susquehanna river. so he wants an outdoor screen...
  12. J

    CH Clorox brand

    If I have to raise my CH level this is the Clorox brand from Walmart ok?
  13. J

    I know I ask this every year. I know. Humor me!

    So. I passed my overnight test. Fc7 at 8 last night and now fc7 at 5 am. When I got home from the river yesterday at 4. Full sun 70 degrees. My fc went from 10 to 7 over a 24 hr period. No rain. Just an all sunny day yesterday. I added more chlorine at 4 to bring it back up to 10. Tested at 8...
  14. J

    Intellivalve vs old actuator

    I have an easy touch. Not the new system. 1. Can I use the intellivalve on it? 2. do i loose any control with easy touch since the valve isn't made for it vs new system. 3. i have a 3 way valve. inlet and the 2 outlets are floor return and a surface return. pretty much all want is to be able...
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    Cya packets

    I just went to wal mart to get cya. The packaging for the Clorox stuff is not bottles anymore. Bags. Just so you all know so u don’t start to panic like I did since everywhere else is closed. But they had something new. Packets u put in skimmer basket. I was tempted to buy them but didn’t know...
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    My opening this week

    I know you guys help me every year but I can’t remember. 1. I run my pump 24/7 at 1500 rpm. If we get freezing nights still do I need to run higher? 2. Chemical balance order. I know to get my chlorine up according to my cya but I’m not worrying about adding cya now right? Since temps r low and...
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    Parallels on a Mac with windows 10

    I’m doing something I never thought I would do. Install windows in a Mac. The new automation app I use only can be programmed and created on windows and the old old windows machine I use for this is just a bear and I have to constantly move files from my Mac to the windows machine with google...
  18. J

    Winter closing plaster question

    Hey guys. Got a closing question. This year I’m going to drain down below my returns before the guys come to close me. My plan is spin my scale control and poly 40 a day before. Next day lower water to below returns using my bottom drain since the skimmers will be dry once water goes below...
  19. J

    holes in mess cover

    i have a question. i pulled out my cover for winter today cause i have a mice issue in my pool house. wanted make sure there were no holes from them. there isn't but i have 3 pulls that i marked from last year with blue tape that are now holes. the size of those little coffee stirrers in...
  20. J

    Field mice

    Ok so we haven’t used pool or floats for a month. I have been noticing increased field mice poop in various areas of pool house. Killed 2 with traps. Figured I was good until today when I noticed a smell in storage. Field mouse took up shop had babies in a material float. 100 dollars shot...
  21. J

    Poly 60 for closing from amazon

    I figured when I grab my blutec from Amazon I should grab a bottle of poly60 also. Is their a brand you guys recommend from amazon? I know nothing with copper but was wondering a preferred brand? I have been doing the blutec for stain and scale each winter and the poly60 from my builder with...
  22. J

    My first slam

    I’m going to document this here in a new thread so I have eyes on it. Long story short from other thread. 1.0 loss over night test. Suggest slam for 1 day with salt cell still on. I didn’t have enough chlorine so I did half slam today. Level went from 14 to 8.5 from 6 am to 5 pm today...
  23. J

    Overnight test

    Kids swam all day. We also had 2 guests over swimming. I added 1/2 inch of water to pool. Let it circulate for an hour. Added 26 oz of chlorine to get my fc to 8. Tested st dark 1 hr or so later. It was 8. When I got up at 530. Not totally dark. I tested 4 times. 7, 7.5, 7.5, 7.5. My water...
  24. J

    Splitting plants is a good thing

    p I posted pics last year of my plan to do around my pool. The idea was to be a mono color look you would see in an English garden with very easy care. I split 9 daylilies that were 5 yrs or so old into over 42 plants. It is not even 1 year later and check out the progress. Each new plant was...
  25. J

    Calcium hardness

    We have been getting crushed with rain past week. I had my ch level up to 350. We then got 3 days of huge storms. I took 1.5 inches of water total out of the pool and it’s down to 300. Everything else is good. Ya has remained stable. Salt even stayed up. Does ch fluctuate easily like that...
  26. J

    Pentair actuator question

    Hey guys. Question. My builder still owes me an actuator. I want to put it on the 3 way in the picture to open and close my floor return for when heating. So open when heating and closed when not heating. I know the actuators are an all on or off but I can change the cam settings. Can this be...
  27. J

    2019 pentair ic issues thread

    Figured I would start the summer pentair ic issue thread. Haha Well once again I have a bad “flow switch”. Water is 70 now and cell reads 2500 when actual from Taylor is 3400. I called. New flow switch coming out. This cell is only like 3 months of use on it and then stored for the winter...
  28. J

    Paint help please!

    Hi everyone. Ok I have to decide. Do I paint my trim the same color as my walls or do I do white trim. My buddy the cabinet maker said all 1 color. Looking in the net it’s half and half. I say all the same so as to have the ceiling pop more. Figured if I also have white trim it might...
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    Increasing ph with returns

    Hi guys. I added some cya a day ago cause it went down cause I by mistake took 5 inches of water out of my pool vs 1 inch. I’ll give everyone a minute to laugh. Ok so I added the cya (2 lbs). It dropped my ph to 7.6. I want to get it back up to 7.8 cause my csi is now -.44. If I get back to...
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    Brushing question

    In the real world how many days a week should I now be brushing my pool plaster while maintaining my water as per this site? Right now I brush every other day. It gets kinda old. Lol. But I make sure I don’t miss since we plastered. Thanks! Jimi