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  1. D

    Fafco solar panels

    I need replacements for 4X12 fafco solar panels. I see many different brands out there for sale, used, of course. My questions is...are there other brands that are compatible with fafco panels? I don't want to travel a distance, buy something and then it doesn't fit. Thanks !
  2. T

    GPM for Fafco solar panels in parallel, but still can't determine what the flow rate should be through solar panels hooked up in parallel. The panels I'm looking to get are the Fafco "Solar Bear" 4' x 20' panels. The Fafco specification sheet states that the recommended flow is .1 GPM per sq ft, which for a solar bear...
  3. tristanb

    Any experiences with Fafco CoolPV (Combined Solar Electric and Pool Heat). be able to install solar for electricity, but also be able to heat my pool. I found a combination panel for both, but have not seen many first hand reviews, and people seem concerned with quality from Fafco. Link deleted by moderator... Has anyone had any experience, good or bad? Thanks!
  4. S

    FAFCO panel repair - the rubber cones don't work - got alternate repair method?

    I have FAFCO panels I bought used. I got the repair kit that comes with a speedball cutter and the rubber cones from AMAZON. The problem I am having is to push them in hard enough to not leak bends the poking tool it came with. So I used a rubber mallet and a chop stick but even that is not good...
  5. Fafco Flow question.JPG

    Fafco Flow question.JPG

  6. ajw22

    Any experiences with Fafco CoolPV (Combined Solar Electric and Pool Heat).

    Welcome to TFP. While waiting for replies you may want to browse other threads about fafco...
  7. Hal3

    Considering FAFCO Solar Bear Panels and would love some advice

    Here's my experience from ten years ago.
  8. K

    Equipment insights please. TDF, GPM, HP calculations to get water to solar on the roof?

    You mentioned Fafco, two 2x20s, why not just get a 4x20 or better yet a 4x24?
  9. hwy17

    Fafco solar panels

    There are these Vortex brand panels that claim to be Fafco connection and dimension compatible. Personally I would be very resistant to the prospect of non-Fafco replacements. The Fafco product is delicate enough on it's own, I'd...
  10. D

    Fafco solar panels

    I have purchased 6 4X12 Fafco panels that are Sunsaver St panels. These have individual channels that snap in to a bracket running across the panel. I am replacing Fafco panels with the channels all bound together. ( Not sure of their model name). My question is whether the two types will play...
  11. S

    Solar Panels - Fafco 4x12

    Are these still available?
  12. J

    FAFCO leak at header for plus misc advice

    Friends, I purchased this house in November 2019 with inground salt water pool. Pool is heated by 6 4x12 FAFCO panels and I'd estimate pool to be between 18-22k gallons. Pool is oblong shape, have no idea the surface area. One of the FAFCO panels has sprung a leak where the risers meet the...
  13. kellyfair

    Fafco solar panels

    I would call the company to ask: FAFCO, Inc. 435 Otterson Drive Chico, CA 95928 Phone: (530) 332-2100
  14. hwy17

    Solar pool heater?

    Fafco would be the main brand in CA, made in CA. If you happen to be in Santa Clara you're in luck, the city will install them and add it to your water bill. Otherwise there are at least a couple installers in the area. I'm in the middle of a 2x Fafco Solar Bear DIY install, but it's pretty...
  15. D

    High? Head Pump

    I am planning to use the Fafco Solar Bear panels, like you. I see that you are from Northern California also, do you need to do anything to the solar panels for winter?
  16. O

    Has anyone tried a solar water heater in western Washington state?

    Has anyone tried a solar water heater in western Washington state? I am considering FAFCO solar bear 4 x 20. Any recommendations? Thank you.
  17. D

    Hello from Southern California

    ...on water and chemical costs! I had replaced the original Anthony pool equipment with Sta-Rite DE filter, Sta-Rite heater and Hayward variable speed pump about 11 years ago. I also have 7 12' Fafco solar panels on my roof. I have done all of my own pool maintenance for the past 35 years.
  18. A

    Connecting solar panels with Fernco flex PVC couplers (only 4.3 PSI max?) vs rigid/hard PVC.

    ...connect solar pool panels with Fernco flex PVC DWV couplers. My question is why is this done when they are rated for max PSI of 4.3? Fafco solar panel headers are 1.5 inch female threaded (other manfacturers have MALE thread). So to connect rigid PVC to the Fafco it will have more...
  19. D

    alternative to fafco sunsaver solar coupler

    Can anyone recommend an alternative solar panel coupler other than the OEM fafco sunsaver ? this price seems absurdly high. I have one leaking. pulled it apart today and found a two splits or cuts on the inside. It...
  20. PoolGate

    Solar Panels - Fafco 4x12

    One of my relatives moved out of their Florida house and put into storage 10 Fafco 4x12 solar panels. Let me know if interested. I believe they are the below.
  21. B

    Fafco Solar Panel - Recommendations

    Id like to add solar to a slope that is adjacent to my pool equipment. Id like to know if there is any real difference in plumbing the panels horizontally or vertically. I read that I can do both by removing diverting plates that allow you to mount horizontally (ideal for above ground pool). Is...
  22. P

    Solar Pool Heater Options

    Buy a fafco solar bear 4x20, build that stand in front of your pool deck thereby saving deck space. Run away from those custom ones, not enough surface area and the piping is too big.
  23. K

    Intex Solar Heater question

    I can't speak to the dome style heater. I just bought one of the Fafco Solar Bear panel heaters, 4'x20'. If you can find the room, I highly recommend this style! I only usef the finger/toe meters. Went from painful cold to pretty nice after a day or two in the sun! Don't run it at night or...
  24. jonahex2099

    Intex Pool 15' 48" - Heating with Intex Solar Panel and Solar Cover

    I use a single Fafco Solar Bear cover (4x20) and it gets about 1-11 hours of sun a day at peak because my southern exposure is meh. I run the pump for 8 hours. I also keep the solar cover on if the pool isn't in use... Through the course of the day my water temps usually jump about 6-8 degrees...
  25. J

    Solar Pool Heater Options

    Fafco solar bear panels 4x20 are priced well. Do you know if they have a smaller product 10'-16' long. The problem is that the length of my deck is only 16' and I would not want for it to stick out. Honestly, I am concerned about the visual impact it will have. Are these panels bendable? Can...
  26. riny

    Fafco Solar Panel - Recommendations

    Yeah I never really had a good place to put them. The roof is too far away and we put in a patio this year so the layout just doesn't work. I'm installing an FPH instead.
  27. Mike0893

    OB Northern California (Roseville) Rehab / buried

    I installed 14 Fafco solar for our pool last year. We don’t use a solar cover so we have a couple of “extra” panels to make up the difference. Pool heats up to 85 (or more) pretty easy most days. We love it.
  28. I

    Storing solar heater during winter

    Hi, I have a ground mounted rack for my solar heaters (2 4x20 Fafco Solar Bear). Every year I go through the ritual of taking them off the rack, rolling them up and placing them under a covered deck. This keeps the snow and ice off of them but they are still exposed to the cold temperatures...
  29. Mike0893

    New Pool build --- Northern California **4/12/21 start date**

    I installed 14 Fafco solar panels last year on a ground rack for our pool last year. I don’t cover our pool at all so I needed to account for the extra heat loss. They work great! 85 degrees everyday as long as the suns out.
  30. D

    Fafco solar panels

    I did call them. They have a totally automated phone system, no real people. They "will get back to me". I'm not holding my breath given their reputation for poor customer service.