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  1. SavageStar

    Winterizing in Gulf Coast Texas

    I am a native of New Jersey and this was my first year having a pool in Houston. Never again will I leave it open over the winter. It was messy (neighbors trees caused me to scoop leaves out DAILY from October to January, now in March I'm scooping pollen fronds out DAILY), it was expensive in...
  2. SavageStar

    Tree trimming next door left sawdust & a "slick" on my pool surface

    Thank you everybody for the great info!
  3. SavageStar

    Tree trimming next door left sawdust & a "slick" on my pool surface

    So we haven't swum in the pool since last September (it's now March), and I've been okay through the winter, except I had to go clean the surface off today due to some tree trimming that was done next door. It's not unexpected and we were glad to have the neighbor take care of their tree...
  4. SavageStar

    Is AquaSeal a good solution?

    Hello, all. We recently purchased a home in the Houston metro area and immediately invested in a replaster job. The finish looked great until the spa had been running for several weeks and we noticed brown stains appearing on the walls directly under the spillway of the pa where there is...
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  6. SavageStar

    Back in the swim!

    After thirty years of being sans pool, I've bought my first home and become a pool owner in the process. Things have changed a lot since taking care of the vinyl pool my parents owned, but I've got a pool maintenance company to help me until I can get a handle on things by myself. We invested...
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