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  1. caliskier

    What chlorine levels are safe for swimming?

    I currently have a SWG and I am at 70 for CYA and 16 for Chlorine, really slow to go down because its been overcast. What level of chlorine is safe for swimming?
  2. caliskier

    Hayward W3AQR15 with T-15 Cell. What is the machine doing at 100% vs 50%?

    I was wondering if someone could explain to me how the machine actually works. I always thought the % setting was the actual output of the cell while the pump was running. I.E, if it's set to 50%, the cell is always performing at 50% output always. I thought I read a post somewhere that there...
  3. caliskier

    New to SWG and my pool just turned cloudy - I have numbers

    Hi All, My pool just turned cloudy today, we had a large rain storm 4 days before, and I noticed I needed to backwash. I am new to SWG but my SWG is not new. Have been using liquid chlorine for 5 years. I installed it late last year and opened the pool 5 weeks ago. Its been cool, opened at...
  4. caliskier

    Jandy Lite 2 Electrical Problem with a FL-5 but incoming power is good at 123V and 123V for A and B screws

    Hi I have the FL-5 error code which usually means a brownout or low power condition. I have given it the 3 min to reset itself and still an issue. I have tested the incoming power at A and B and reads 123V and 123V. Every reading from step 1 to 6 is not 24VAC but 27VAC, not sure if that makes...
  5. caliskier

    About ready to install a Hayward W3AQR15 on my 20,000 gallon pool, questions about how to make sure I don't screw up and get a green pool

    All, So about to get this baby hooked up. I have read two pool school articles about what it is in general and how to water balance so I think I will be able to roll once I get it hooked up from a PH, CYA perspective, but I have some general questions of ignorance. 1. What salt do I buy, just...
  6. caliskier

    What is the difference between the Hayward W3AQ and GLX-CTL-RITE?

    So I am finally about to take the plunge get us a SWG, this forum has been very helpful to me to understand what this is. I am studying Hayward currently and cannot tell the difference between these two models. I know you have to get a cell for both. Is one just an older model and they do the...
  7. caliskier

    SLAM Issue, 5 days clear, can’t pass OCLT test.

    Trying to SLAM, I’m on my fifth day clear, and it seems like we are still using a lot of chlorine. The pool has been scrubbed and swept several times. I’m looking for ideas as to what could be the issue, what am I missing? I have scrubbed out the skimmers, I have scrubbed out the rope anchors...
  8. caliskier

    What is the recommended CYA value for normal use?

    Hi I am about to finish my SLAM, my current CYA is 30. I’m wondering if I should raise it to 40 just to keep the chlorine burn from the sun down. What are you guys keeping your CYA at?
  9. caliskier

    Heater Problems: Jandy Lite 2 FL 3 Error Code - Means its detecting a flame when it should not be. There is no flame. Is it the board or the sensor

    Hi, I have the Jandy Lite 2 Heater. Display is working, it says the pump is running which is correct so its detecting flow. It also knows the temperature of the water. When I switch it to on it does not turn on. Eventually I get a service error code FL3. Which means: flame detected when no...
  10. caliskier

    Anything damaging or wasteful about slowly pouring CYA granules into the skimmer to have it sucked into the top of the sand filter to dissolve there?

    That is the question. The sock method is kind of a pain for me as I believe I have a small leak in the lines somewhere, so I have to add CYA more often than I would like. If I could just get it into the sand filter would it not dissolve there? My thoughts are to pour it in slowly into the...
  11. caliskier

    Paper gaskets for skimmers, really??

    Hi so i am about finished replacing my liner and I noticed that the replacement gaskets for the skimmers are paper? is that going to hold up?
  12. caliskier

    Help - Trying to do tonight...Just pulled liner, foam falling from walls as are concrete and covered in green slime. Do I need to pressure wash them?

    hi that is the question in the title. I have solid concrete walls and the foam will not stick to them. Thinking I need to pressure wash the walls and I want to do this tonight so I can start on the floor and hang new foam tomorrow and hang liner on Saturday.
  13. caliskier

    Liner Install Game Plan - Please check my steps...

    All, Here is my game plan up to installation of the liner, please let me know if I am missing anything... Thanks all... Steps Make sure every part and every tool is ready to go. a. Light Liner Gasket - Pentair 79204603 b. Light Rubber Gasket - Pentair 79207600 c...
  14. caliskier

    Rusted out screws in my step U-strip of my liner pool - help please

    So I am dry running my install by looking at and removing some of my current equipment. I found that my U-strip that ties in my liner to my steps was installed with the wrong screws for 4 of them. They have rusted, I have not tried to remove them yet as I do not want to break them off and then...
  15. caliskier

    Vermiculite - How long before I can begin installing the liner if I am doing a patch job on the pool bottom?

    I am about to remove my liner and install a new one when it gets here. I have 5 bags of vermiculite. I am wondering how long i have to wait to install the liner if... 1. I am just doing a patch job... or 2. I I find I need to do the entire floor. How long before I can install the liner, what...
  16. caliskier

    About to drain my vinyl liner swimming pool to replace the liner. We have had rain

    So wondering how serious it is to drain a liner pool for replacement. I know what can happen to a gunite pool where it poops out of the ground, but what about vermiculite bottom vinyl pool with metal walls? We have had 10 in total of rain in the last 30 days, the last 2 week we got 5 of those...
  17. caliskier

    What do you use for coping paint?

    All, Replacing the pool liner and going to paint my aluminum coping. The former owner used a paint brush and it looks like Crud. I would like to use spray paint. What do you all recommend? I plan to strip it first and repaint.
  18. caliskier

    Completely replacing liner, do i need to buy a sump pump or can my pump / main drain completly drain the pool?

    Hi all, I am getting ready to replace the liner, I was thinking i might need to buy a sump pump but before I do I thought I would ask if my pump and main drain could handle it
  19. caliskier

    Vinyl Liner Step Gasket and Sealing Question

    Hi All, I have answered most of my questions but just a few I have posted today in my quest to replace my liner. My question here is how does the step gasket works and where do i get the rail pieces? Mine is 7' 11" by 35.5". You can see mine in the picture below. I Assume I should replace...
  20. caliskier

    Inground 5" Niche Liner Light Gasket needed

    I have a small 5" diameter light niche. Someone on the forum earlier this month said my light was this model: I cannot find a gasket that size...
  21. caliskier

    Where do you guys get your vermiculite from?

    Hi All, I am getting ready to replace my liner and I believe I will need vermiculite. Where do you guys get yours?
  22. caliskier

    Pool Light and Liner replacement question

    Hi, I am about to replace my liner and I have this type of pool light. I think the light may be broken but am not sure, it does not light right now but the water is below the light at this time. The O-ring between the light and the liner is shot so I at least need a new one of those, and I...
  23. caliskier

    Help me determine the right pool pump and SWCG combination

    First off. I am looking to convert my pool to a SWG pool. When I posted this last year I was told in this thread that I should consider a pool pump. Totally New to and Curious about Chlorine Generators Doing some research and calculations, for my area I would save $167 per year. My current...
  24. caliskier

    Advice on how to repair or replace old plaster in hotub

    Hi, I have a small plaster hot tub attached to my vinyl pool that looks like what you see in the following pictures. Nothing more serious than that, would like to DIY it back to its younger days. What to I need to do to renovate it ? Or, what should I go research to figure this out? I am...
  25. caliskier

    Liner Measurements Taken!! Help me not screw it up!!... pretty please.

    Hi all, getting ready to take the plunge and replace the liner. Want to get the measurements right. I do not have any documented measurements for this pool. For most of the measurements we took them 4-5 different times. For the depth measurements we measured from the bottom to the top of the...
  26. caliskier

    Best liner manufacturer?

    Hello, I am looking to replace my liner soon, Been studying it for some time. What I can’t find is recommendations on a good company. Anyone have a recommendation on a company they would go back to? Or a company to avoid? Edited to add: I plan to perform all the work including measurements...
  27. caliskier

    Totally New to and Curious about Chlorine Generators

    Hi, I am simi-clueless on Chlorine Generators and am considering switching when I replace the liner soon... I reviewed pool school and some other sites please help me clear up a few things... 1. Are chlorine generators and saltwater chlorine generators (SWG) the same thing? Or let me ask it...
  28. caliskier

    Draining Liner - possibly replacing

    All, I have a couple of problems that lead me to just drain my pool and start over. Here is what is going on. Since I have owned this house, 4 years. The pool has leaked, I have found some of the holes but over the years it seams to always leak. There is a large rip in the corner above the...
  29. caliskier

    Spent about $75 on chlorine over 2 weeks, still cloudy white

    All, Late last year we started having difficulty getting the pool clean. I can't remember if it went green on us over a vacation or what happened but we ended up with a white cloudy pool that we eventually gave up on and closed green. We opened the pool 14 days ago. Put floc in it...