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  1. FIESTA62

    Green pool not much maintenance need advice to bring it back to life

    hi , i got a problem with my stepfathers pool and need advice on how to fix, its a 9 x 4.5 metre pool, pebble crete, he had it re-pebbled about 15 years ago at a guess , maybe longer, he has never really looked after it and for the last say 10 years its been green then clear then green again...
  2. FIESTA62

    Startup SWG chlorinator salt for new pool

    hi, its been a month since i filled my 36000 litre / 10000 gallon pebblecrete pool and i have read not to start up chlorinator or put salt in for the first month, so i am at 1 month and have salt ready to go , my chlorinator says it runs at 4000ppm, the chart i read says put in 140 kg of salt...
  3. FIESTA62

    Chlorine level for low and high water temp

    hi, i think i have my pool water balanced pretty good at this point with all the help from you guys but wanted to confirm what i read in a pool book put out by a pool chemical guru, Bernie Skelton 30 year pool guy.... my main question here is he says Chlorine set at 1.5 if below 26 Celsius...
  4. FIESTA62

    Pool blanket on all time or off sometimes

    hi, just got a blanket for my new pool, i hear something about blanket should be taken off at certain times to prevent chemicals building up too much, is this true ? as for heating does sun penetrate fully thru blanket during the day or am i supposed to remove during sunny days and put...
  5. FIESTA62

    Heat Pump what's the best way to run it

    Pool heat pump what is the best way to run it, i have a evo heat fusion electric pump, running on its own variable speed pump and plumbing, should i just set the temp i want and let it run all swim season on auto, so it just switches off and on day or night to keep pool at my set temp ? or...
  6. FIESTA62

    what Chlorine test should i do ? free and combine or free combined total

    hi, i have the taylor 2006 test kit, did my first test in my new 36000 litre , 10000 gallon , pebble crete pool after first fill yesterday, TA is 80 ppm, i then did PH using the comparator the colour is much darker than the darkest colour on the comparator which goes to 8, so i am over 8, but...
  7. FIESTA62

    Pool math using for Australia not sure what to do

    hi, my pool got pebble crete today, it will be filled tomorrow, pool guy said i need to keep PH correct for the first month its critical during this time, ok this is my first pool, i know i need to add acid to lower PH, so i went onto the pool math app for the first time, in the section where...
  8. FIESTA62

    Pool heat pump what what size ?

    hi, about to install a electric heat pump for a 37000 litre inground pool, any advice on what size pump to extend the swim season from say sept to april in sydney, average climate, would be great, thanks
  9. FIESTA62

    Variable speed pump slow speed is this the way to go, from a total pool newby

    hi, i am about to start up my new concrete pool, 6 x 4, about 35000 litres, 9000 gallons, from what i have read running a variable speed pump slower will give better filtration, lower running costs, less noise, so i am trying to decide on how slow fr how long i have read that filtering a pool...
  10. FIESTA62

    newby with new concrete pool and taylor k2006c kit, now what?

    hi, i will have my pool completed in 3 weeks, concrete, 6 x 4, pebblecrete finish, Watermaid salt water chlorinator, Waterco varible speed pump, and new Taylor 2006c test kit, i been researching, watching youtube vids, reading manuals, but still it seems a bit like where do i start, can...
  11. FIESTA62

    heat pump should i run seperate pump

    hi, newby here....i have a 6 x 4 38000 litre concrete pool being built now, going to use a waterco variable speed eco v100 pump, i plan to run pump slow about 100 lpm, i am told the Watermaid RP9 chlorinator will need 100lpm to operate correctly, i want to add a heat pump, i have seperate...