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    Saltwater Pool, Self Taught -2 years

    Hi, I have been maintaining my saltwater pool myself for about two years. I've done a good bit of equipment repair, replace and maintenance. Love being able to work through problems for a fraction of the pool store prices. Cheers, JR
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    A Polaris 380 Rebuild Kit. Quick tip

    That's a good tip! I am having a similar problem after rebuilding my 380 with a tune up kit plus new blue cover and pressure release valve. I've taken apart so many times and everything seems to be in place and moving freely but when its submerged I get very little to not movement. If I lift the...
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    Polaris 380 Tune Up Not Moving in Water

    Hello, looking for help. I just rebuilt my old Polaris 380 with a tune up kit. It had a broken belt but I replaced all the parts except for base assembly, frame, water management pipes and a few other minor components. All wheels, bearings, rods, turbines, etc were replaced. Everything appears...