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    Stubborn Green Pool

    Hello!! I have a 30ft. above ground pool in North Mississippi. We had about 5 straight days of rain and torrential down pours. There is a 30ft Cedar Tree about 20 feet from my pool so I'm guessing this is my problem. I balanced my water using Pool Math Calculator...shocked accordingly with...
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    Can I use Cal Hypo?

    Moved from here. I have had a difficult season with algae this year...there is a tall cedar tree about 16 ft. from the pool..could that be it..I didn't have this problem last year. should I use something besides 10% liquid chlorine (that is all I used in the past) to shock as it takes a couple...
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    V. Todd Tropic Seas Rio Spa

    Hi..I previously owned a spa for 20 years, tested with strips and added Chlorine accordingly. NEVER a problem. Just expected maintenance and cleaning. Purchased new from Family Leisure a Tropic Seas Rio Spa 2020, 84"x84"x36"..have had for about 8 months and cannot get it to not foam to the point...
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    Good Morning, A storm blew the cover and caps off of my (just installed last August & my first pool) 30' Round Above Ground Pool. We are in the process of getting the "green" out and balancing the chemicals. We have shocked the pool and put Fall Out to send the green to the bottom and are...
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    Closing above ground pool

    is is better to drain the pool 6" below the skimmer or use a skimmer plate?
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    Closing my first pool

    I am getting ready close my 30' above ground pool. The CYA is kinda high at 80 and I was wondering if I need to drain and refill now or can is wait until I re-open my pool in the spring? Thanks
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    Flying Insect Pest Control

    HI..So i finally got my pool installed in August (my first). Didn't think ahead about the bugs that would also like to share my pool. I live in N. the country over a lake surrounded by heavy woods. So bugs aplenty. I tried the Black Flag bug zapper which only attracted moths as...
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    First pool

    Should I have the Pump on or off during heavy rainfall?
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    Question: Weekly Tests notes the TA for Manually chlorinated pools at 100-120 ppm so at 110 my TA is good but in Pool Math the recommended target is 50-90ppm.. What should I shoot for? Thanks
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    Shocking New Pool

    We finally got the new pool filled. However it took a while and with rain we have algae. During the fill we kept chlorine in the pool with some CYA and brushed it every day so the ins't any rings or slimy feel to the vinyl. The pool is clear enough to see sides and bottom but green tint...
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    Still Filling Pool

    I've been filling my pool for 5 days and current level is 30" for the 30' x 30' x 54" pool. I have been putting chlorine daily with gradual increase according to the amount filled that day. Up until today the water has been crystal clear but we has a heavy rain last night and today is is...
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    First Pool

    I am filling my first pool (30' x 30' x 54" above ground vinyl) on a well therefore the filling time will be about 5-7 days as I can only run the pump contentiously for 6-7 hrs a day. I am now at 2 ft. I attempted to get information on Pool Math as to the amount of CYA and Chlorine to add as it...
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    SWAG System - New Pool Owner

    Family Leisure is supposed to install my 30' round Legacy (Diamond Star) above ground pool. I requested a salt water generator system. I am having difficulty with the representative for Family Leisure of Memphis regarding the Salt Water Generator and Perms Salt Systems. She is telling me they...
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    New from Mississippi.

    I purchased a 30' round Legacy (Diamond Star) from Family Leisure. It is being scheduled for installation, hopefully with in the next couple of weeks. I asked for the Salt Water Generator System. I explained I have been researching Chlorine vs Permasalt system vs Salt Water Generator System and...