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    Filter pressure normal range?

    Hi All. I recently had a zero pressure suction side leak situation which I fixed. But now I'm concerned about whether my baseline pressure is normal. I know there's million pressure threads but it seems to depend so much on the equipment being used. With a freshly cleaned impellor, cleared...
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    Advice on replacing a backwash valve. Keep push/pull or replace with multiport.

    Should I replace my push pull valve with a multiport?? More info below. Pentair sand filter and Pentair 2" push/pull backwash valve. My pool setup is very basic, no heating, the pool is 60s vintage and only drains from the suction and the automatic vacuum, the main drain is abandoned. I've...
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    SLAM- any suggestions

    moved from here. This is almost exactly describes what i'm having, I'm glad I found this thread. I've only owned the pool about 6 months so this is the first time it's happened. I ordered the K-2006 test kit to I can accurately raise my FC to SLAM levels and over the past few days lowered my...
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    Hello from Tucson AZ

    Hi everyone. I'm a new pool owner (6 months) and I've found this forum immensely valuable as my main resource for maintaining my pool. So thank you all for the education!