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    Cheapest Chlorine 3in Tablets in The World!

    Can you guys recommend sites to purchase pool supplies? A.K.A Chlorine Tablets I know everywhere is marked up but the cheapest I could find for a 50 lb bucket was $110. Does anyone know anything else cheaper?
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    How to STOP calcium lines in grout?

    I have a lot of these, I was told to put acid on it but what is the proper procedure to apply this acid and where do I find the acid at?
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    Pentair MasterTemp 400k NEED MANIFOLD!

    Anyone else have a Manifold that busted during the freeze?? I have called local companies and also contacted companies in different states. Does anyone know where I can buy a Pentair MasterTemp Manifold for the heater? Willing to pay a little extra!
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    Just Another Pool Company

    That's right, I am one of the biggest entrepreneurs in Houston and at 26 years old I am finally tackling the Pool Industry. I plan to get certifications, brand the business, grow the company and learn as much as I can from this forum. Glad to be here and watch out Houston TX competitors...